Papoose-The Mixtape Master.


Papoose is the definition of a mixtape artist.  Ever since his first appearance on Kool G Rap’s ’98 Roots of Evil album, the Brooklyn native has generated interest from record companies. Unfortunately, but a bad offer pushed him to produce and sell his own mixtapes.

It was outside Hot 97 in New York where DJ Kay Slay invited him on his radio show. That’s where Papoose impressed everyone with his rendition of “Alphaphetical Slaughter.”

The song, which would become his first single, earned him a deal with Streetsweepers Entertainment where he has thrived since and been featured on 13 of Kay Slay’s Streetsweeper series mixtapes.

The self-described “educated thug” has put out a total of 21 mixtapes to date. While many rappers strive for major record deals, Papoose seems to have grown accustomed to his place in the mixtape world after an unsuccessful year-long stint with Jive Records.

Good music is good music, whether you commercialize it or you make it what some consider complicated. If it’s hot, it’s hot; if it’s not, it’s not. I represent real lyricism and real talent. That’s what this is about.

Today marks the release of his 21st mixtape, fittingly titled 21 Gun Salute. It’s exactly what we’ve come to expect from one of the most consistent underground lyricists in the game.

Check two songs from his album below. Cover and tracklist after the jump.

Download album HERE.

Papoose feat. AZ- Knowledge is Freedom

Papoose feat. Bun-B and Chamillionaire- 6 Million Ways to Die

01. Intro
02. The Wire (Produced by GQ Beats)
03. Hat Under My Hood (Produced by DJ Rob-E-Rob)
04. Let’s Get It (feat. Young Chris)
05. Run Down On Em (Produced by DJ Green Lantern)
06. Knowledge Is Freedom (feat. AZ) (Produced by DJ Absolut)
07. Brooklyn
08. Bitchassness
09. Six Million Ways To Die (feat. Bun B & Chamillionaire) (Produced by Stay Gettin’ & DJ Kay Slay)
10. All That (Produced by E-Dubb)
11. If You Saw Me In A Line Up
12. Take These Bars
13. We Shall Overcome
14. Get The Money (Produced by DJ Nu)
15. Baby Love
16. Street Code (Produced by Ty Sticks)
17. Dirty York Shit (Produced by Ty Sticks)
18. Graffitti
19. Live & Learn
20. Break Um Up (feat. Thug-A-Cation) (Produced by GQ Beats)
21. I Can Help You Get Off (Produced by DJ Green Lantern)
22. Kay Slay Outro

You should know this by now.


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