KidRobot Selfridges Concept Store.

KidRobot recently opened up a temporary concept store in London’s famed department store Selfridges.

Designer toys.

Try explaining the concept to your old gramps and he’ll give you the ol “when I was a boy, toys were meant to be played with” speech.

Shut it, grandpa.

The popup concept store was mainly opened to celebrate KidRobot’s Ye Olde English Dunny series. Everything was designed by the man behind the company, naturally: Paul Budnitz.

The company was started back in ’02 and it purely revolves around the two words “limited edition.”

Everything they do from their toys to their apparel quickly becomes collector’s items. The fact that uber-talented artists contribute to the series may help as well.

Everyone from Shepard Fairey (of Obey) to Mike Shinoda (of Linkin Park) have been linked to KidRobot designs.

You should know this by now.


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