Red, the Homeless G-Funk Beatboxer.

Red – I Should Tell Your Mama On You

Think of a person with a Doug E. Fresh beatbox, a electronica/funk sounding voice (no autotune), some R&B flavor, and a song title as elaborate as “Ghost Ride the Hips.”

And for fun, lets take all his belongings and drop him on the West Coast.

Well, we don’t know what you have, but we got ourselves a person we’d like to call…

Red the Homeless G-Funk Beatboxer.

We came upon this gem as we perused through our daily fix of blogs, and boy are we glad we found him.

As we continue to talk about the next big thing and how rap continues to blur the lines between hip-hop and other music genres, we must not lose sight of one of the foundations of rap and hip-hip: the beatbox.

We don’t know where Red will be a couple of months or years from now (hopefully not homeless…again), but we do appreciate the originality of his music.

That’s why you’re going to take 2 mins out of your day to watch him perform “I Should Tell Your Mama On You.”

Listen to a sample of “Ghost Ride the Hips,” after the jump.

Red – Ghost Ride the Hips

You should know this by now.


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