Pittsburgh Slim – My Bitch Is Crazy Video.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Pittsburgh Slim – My Bitch Is Crazy.

Here’s how you sign to Def Jam and have Jay-Z hand you a five album record deal:

Start off as a garage band with your high school buddies in Pittsburgh.

Then, split up with said group and move to LA and rough it by waiting tables like the other 800,000 “talented people trying to make it big.”

Lastly, write a song that revolves around the hook “I like when girls kiss girls” and you’re bound to be shaking Hova’s hand in no time.

Born to an Algerian father and part Mexican mother, that’s more or less how Sied Chahrour (more popularly known as Pittsburgh Slim) got his break into the music world.

Not bad, right?

According to Slim himself, his music is like listening to “Camp Lo, Nirvana, Mos Def, Beastie Boys, and Justin Timberlake … mixed in a blender.”

Judge for yourself. Above, we have the video for Slim’s “My Bitch Is Crazy” … which dropped today.

“Girls Kiss Girls” after the jump.

Pittsburgh Slim – Girls Kiss Girls

You should know this by now.


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