Deep Rooted – Billie Jean Theme (Video)

Deep Rooted – Billie Jean Theme. Download HERE.

It’s always a pleasure to find indie artists that are absolutely killing it … completely on their own.

Even without a record label, Deep Rooted (made up of Mr. Brady, Johaz, Brea, and DJ Artistic) has been making a name for itself on the west coast since 2004.

If you’re still not convinced that we’re a good judge of talent (really?), DR has performed with the likes of  Lupe Fiasco, Common and Wu-Tang Clan. Not bad, right?

The group’s originality, as is evident in the video above, comes in part from their musical influences:

All good music that moves us. Anything that you go through or see makes you what you are. Our influence comes from the mid 80’s and 90’s – that’s when hip hop was still pure and in its organic form…when Tribe Called Quest dropped, when Nas first album dropped…basically when hip hop felt good, you know?!

Yesterday the group released its third album, D.E.E.P R.O.O.T.E.D, which is available on iTunes if you dig the group’s sound.

Check out a the track below and if you like what you hear, Support these guys!

Deep Rooted feat. Blu – From the Heat. (off of D.E.E.P.R.O.O.T.E.D). Download HERE.

Album cover and tracklist for the new album, as well as the music video for “Crazy” after the jump.


1. Soul Vibe
2. D.E.E.P.R.O.O.T.E.D
3. Crazy
4. From the Heart (feat. Blu)
5. Rock the Hardest
6. Round & Round
7. Squeeze
8. Billy Jean
9. Fade
10. Closer
11. Do It
12. XL (feat. Killah Priest and Sha Dula)
13. That That
14. Sunshine (feat. Sha Dula)
15. The End (feat. Sha Dula)

Deep Rooted- Crazy

You should know this by now


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