Tabi Bonney- Dope.

Tabi Bonney

Although our man Wale is receiving the majority of the hype in the DMV, Tabi Bonney can’t be ignored.

Born Tabiabuè Bonney, the West African native spent his childhood moving from continent to continent, eventually landing in D.C.

These experiences have no doubt influenced his musical style, which incorporates traditional hip-hop beats with reggae melodies and just the right amount of that D.C Go-Go flavor.

His sophomore album, Dope, was released on Inauguration Day, and was given critcal acclaim in The Washington Post this week.

Trying to single out the best song from Tabi Bonney’s sophomore album, “Dope,” is like trying to pick the coldest ice cube in the tray.

That’s some pretty good press.

The album is available on iTunes, Amazon, etc. and for the ridiculously low price of $5.99, so open up your wallets and support the DMV’s rising star.

The tracks “Rock Bammas,” “Rich Kids,” and “Kick Rocks,” are our favorites and can only be described as one word: dope.

Take a listen below and be sure to scoop the album if you like what you hear.

Tabi Bonney feat. Haziq- Rock Bammas

You should know this by now.


4 Responses

  1. this is a great album…..yes it is “DOPE”

  2. I fukks wit Tabi! My favs are “Rich Kids” and “Rock Bammas”. I got the album on iTunes, it was cheap, like $5.99 or something. Money well spent. It’s real chill.

    Yo, what up with the dude Haziq who’s on Rock Bammas, does anybody have any scoop on him?

    Rich Kids download

  3. The dope album really is dope…just got it on itunes. He has really been slept on. Like a lot of great artist, but hopefully that will change with DOPE! Love it!

  4. Yeah Tabi is just what the title of his album is which is “DOPE” and that dude Haziq got a song called the mile high sumthin but he on myspace

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