Charles Hamilton Responds to Rhymefest.

Charles Hamilton

Although he does not take the time to record a repsonse track to “Super Sonic (Chucky Cheese).”  The “internet rapper,” as his haters have been calling him, spoke on the issue from his comfort zone, a blog post:

Situation is simple: a sensitive lyricist is upset at a random punchline that he wasn’t even there to hear. I’m glad it isn’t SB [Soulja Boy], but its not really a step up. I offer the same resolution to this old ass child. Because we spoke. Leave me alone, or be faced with a psychodelic, unholy lyrical response that will scar even your forefathers’ viewpoint on the way your life has been lived up until the point you decided to engage in lyrical combat. And I’m not even mad. Fans, citizens of earth, could now be the time that a public sacrifice of a useless old human be witnessed?

While both artists are lyrically talented and the ensuing back-and-forth of diss tracks could be a good listen, can’t all these rappers just get along, or is beef a part of hip-hop? This year we’ve already witnessed Joe Budden vs. Ransom, Joe Budden vs. Saigon, and 50 cent vs. Rick Ross (Download 50’s hate right HERE).

We think hip-hop, as a whole, would be better off if artists focused on producing the best possible music for themselves, rather than wasting time insulting a man about the kind of clothes he wears.

Anyone out there agree?  Let us know.

You should know this by now.


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