LUPE.N.D Postponed Indefinitely.


No, we’re not playing tricks with you.  Lupe Fiasco’s much anticipated album has been delayed indefinitely and will not be coming out as planned this summer.

Speculation is that there are issues between his vision for the album and what the label execs had in mind.

From the mouth of Lupe himself on the FNF website:

Due to circumstances beyond my control…the album roll out has changed radically…LUPE.N.D. has been postponed indefinitely!!! As a matter of fact consider it canceled until further notice!!! I hate the music business…but I love music…Grammy’s Here We Come

Don’t go jumping off of a tall building yet there is some good news.  In the place of LUPE.N.D., Lupe will be releasing a different album titled The Great American Rap Album in June.  Word has it there will two additional albums before the eventual release of his retirement record.

No B.S. See ya’ll in June and again in December and again next June…LUPE.N.D. right after that…when the liberation comes!!!

So, it’s not all bad news as we can expect some new Lupe this summer, but it’s a shame when record labels get in the way of an artist’s creative expression.

You should know this by now.


One Response

  1. cool i was lookin 4ward 2 lupend but im glad he isnt retirin after the nxt album cant wait 4 the nxt album

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