Black Eyed Peas- Peapod Foundation Benefit 2009.

Founded by of The Black Eyed Peas and Polo Molina of Grassroots Productions, The Peapod Foundation aims to create social change for children through the universal language of music.

The Peapod Foundation strives to unite different cultures, countries and people so that, with everyone’s help,  they can help provide many of the much-needed supplies that many people are dependent upon.

Unsurprisingly, Will.I.Am emphasizes the learning and teaching of music/art expression in this organization.

So if you like music. Despite the genre or artist, help support the next Soulja Boy Lupe Fiasco, or Will.I.Am.

Support the movement, and make sure you send all of your spare change to this special cause.


To unite people on a global scale via the universal language of music

To generate attention & build awareness towards shared goals

To bridge cultural boundaries and help children in need

To join together local and global communities

To make a difference in our world For our children, every day.”

Make sure you check out the video from Lupe performing at this concert.

More videos/performances from this event after the jump.

[youtube= freestylin with Questlove(The Roots) on drums


Black Eyed Peas- Peapod Foundation Benefit 2009

You should know this by now.


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