Curren$y – Scared of Monsters.


Curren$y – Scared of Monsters. Download HERE.

Curren$y may be one of the unluckiest artists in the game.

His string of misfortune started off when he was kind of, sort of, loosely linked to Master P and the 504 Boys. That’s when he signed to C-Murder’s label TRU Records.

Unfortunately, due to C-murder’s 25-year incarceration for murder, TRU Records went under and Curren$y became fed up with the rap game.

That’s when he dropped the mic to pursue a career in skateboarding and fashion design.

And … that’s when his elementary school classmate Weezy F. scooped him up and signed him to Young Money Entertainment.

After releasing the video for “Where the Cast At?” with Weezy and company, Curren$y started asking “Where the cash at?”

I ain’t seen nothing come out of there. I had been on Young Money for like 4  years.  So in order to keep everything how I need it to be and where I see myself going, I had to separate myself in hopes to find another situation ….

And right now, that “situation” has landed him with a deal with Fly Society, a group made famous by none other than Terry Kennedy (the face of Supra shoes).

And today, he’s working on releasing This Ain’t No Mixtape. Above is the first single off the album.

Quite frankly …

You should know this by now.


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