Charles Hamilton – Scorpion.


Charles Hamilton – Scorpion. Download HERE.

So, CH is coming out with a “Masterpiece Theatre kind of show.” It’s essentially a short movie, entitled Well Isn’t This Awkward, that revolves around this plot:

Charles Hamilton is a homeless musician (not a hard role to play) that has a paranormal romantic bond with a rich young woman that lives in a penthouse. They never verbally spoke or physically saw each other, but they’re in love in their own dimension.

One day, the owner of the building invited Charles inside to play his music for the people of the building. This is his chance to both impress a crowd of rich people who can possibly change his living situation and let the girl he’s in love with supernaturally know how he feels… on the surface.

We’ll keep you posted about its debut.

You should know this by now.


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