Jabee- Happy Valentine’s Day (Mixtape).


We here at KnowThisByNow.com wish you and yours a happy Valentine’s Day and …  in addition to Ryan Leslie’s album (which should make any girl’s panties drop girl adore you), we offer you Jabee’s V-Day mixtape.

Until now, Jabee has flown under our rader (believe it or not), and there is still little information on him, but he attempts to find his lyrical valentine with this mixtape.

Perhaps we will see more from him in the future.  If so, we’ll keep you up to date as always.

Download the full mixtape HERE and listen to sample below.  Give us your thoughts on this man and his music.

Jabee-Tomorrow Never Dies

Hit the jump for more album artwork and the full tracklist.


1. All My Love (Produced by Hannibal King)
2. Cindy’s Story (Produced by Rob Viktum)
3. Car Pool ft. Jumakae (Produced by Ronnie Harris)
4. Laced To The Heart (Produced by Sebastion OH!)
5. The Interview
6. ManyGyrls (Produced by aDDLib)
7. Owen Heart (Produced by Hannibal King)
8. The Lady and The Tramp (Produced by Ronnie Harris)
9. Tomorrow Never Dies (Produced by DJ Moody)
10. Confrontation
11. Stay With Me(Produced by aDDLib)
12. Storybook Girl ft. Ronnie Harris(Produced by aDDLib)
13. Breaks My Heart (Produced by Scootbeats)


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