Outasight – Exclusive.


Outasight – Exclusive. Download HERE.

We’ve been pushing Outasight hard this year and we’re not going to stop. (Don’t know who he is? Go HERE.)  The Yonkers native just dropped this track (produced by Oddisee). The song is from his upcoming album From Here to Eternity.

We’ll be interviewing him this week so keep your eyes peeled for that.

You should know this by now.


One Response

  1. first off, hats off to you dude. i’m a fan of blogs, and your joint is fucking vicious. i don’t respect a lot of people’s posts, cuz they just repost what everybody else posts for no good reason. i love outasight. i wish he had more of a presence/showed his face a lot more, but i got that EP he released a while ago, and it was trill. i even posted it i believe, but the response was just weak as shit. people only gravitate to the big names, but the big names aren’t even bringing heat.

    he has a wale-esque flow in this joint. does anybody feel me on that!?

    this joint is vicious. oddisee produced it!? DC producer in the fucking house. i just met him the other day, he was cool as shit. he’s a legend back home.

    keep the good shit up.

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