Charles Hamilton- Every Charles Hamilton’s Ex Girlfriend’s Worst Nightmare (Mixtape).


Is this dude forreal?  Charles must love seeing his name on these blog sites, or just have far too much material sitting in the studio.

Three mixtapes in a week!?  Unheard of.  But then again, I guess that’s why they call him Sonic the Hamilton and we’re more than happy to listen. Download HERE.

Ladies, notice the title.  Apparently, be cautious before getting involved with CH, and if you’ve already been in his bed there is probably a track named after you.

For a sample track, we will pick a random girl’s name out of the hat: Shantel you are the winner.

Charles Hamilton- Shantel

Tracklist after the jump.


1. Esperanza, Keishana, and Keana
2. Shayna, Tiffany, and Summer
3. Toya
4. Shantel
5. Jenniea, Jamarris, and Tricia
6. Brittany
7. Simone
8. Bitter Ex

You should know this by now.


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