The Fray- Heartless (Cover).


The Fray- Heartless (Cover). Download HERE.

Wait. Don’t laugh. Don’t scroll past this. Give us 30 seconds to change your mind.

Here’s the deal: The Fray offer a soulful take on Kanye West’s latest single, “Heartless.” You won’t normally see them on this site, but this was just too good not to post.

This joint has a count of 26 plays since yesterday afternoon on Z-Silly’s iPhone.

Now press “play” and enjoy the joint. Aren’t you glad you listened to us (and the Fray)?

You should know this by now.


4 Responses

  1. love, love, love that you guys put the fray up here. good work so far with the site.

  2. I started off by laughing and scrolling past–until your “don’t laugh and scroll past this caught my eye.” Great video, the fray just went way up in my book

  3. Haha. It’s great, right? We were really surprised, too.

  4. i love this song better then Kayne’s version…. The Fray rocks

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