Drake x Kanye x Andre 3000= The Perfect Song.

Eighty81 interviews Drizzy Drake.

Drake x Kanye x Andre 3000 comprise what Drake would consider, his perfect song.

Sorry…we’re not saying that they’ve actually made a song together.

Got yo’ ass.

Seriously though, for those of you who were totally against reading the Complex article, now you can just sit back and enjoy. Eighty81 recently caught up with Drizzy and tried their best to stump him by asking questions like,

“What question should we have asked you?”

You decide whether this kid is actually part of the Eighty81 staff. But, let’s make one thing clear: Don’t think that we’re becoming a Drake groupie site, cause we aren’t.

When 3/4 of your friends who listen to rap/hip-hop are bumpin’ an artist’s new mixtape and posting it all over their facebook, AIM, and twitter, multiple posts about that certain artist are completley acceptable.

Sidenote: Everyone go to Drake’s site and tell him that he should go on a University College tour.

You should know this by now.


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