Vampire Weekend x Miike Snow – The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance (Remix).

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Vampire Weekend – The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance (ft. Chromeo)

Since our site has becoming increasingly popular (pat yourself on the back), we’ve had a limited amount of time to go and find out more about this band.

Thanks to our boy at DCtoBC, we’re reluctant to say… we’ve hopped on the Vampire Weekend bandwagon.

Ok we’re not that reluctant because fact is, we should’ve known this by now.

So here’s the quick breakdown:

Vampire Weekend is another Ivy-league educated indie band that has taken the sounds of African music, dressed it up in Ralph Lauren and Sperries, harnessed the attractiveness of NYC subway bands (the good ones), and sprinkled in catchy lyrics that are reminiscent of English Lit classes.

Whoa. That almost sums it all up.

“The result being not “this is mind-blowing,” or “this is catchy,” but “I have listened to this, straight through, four times a day for the past month”.”

This Afro/preppy/new-wave combination is quickly becoming a popular conglomerate of different genres that is resonating within college campus and young people everywhere. What is so distinct about this unique sound, is that due to its roots in the rhythms of African music, even hip-hop heads are giving it a chance.

Just imagine “Peanut-butter outside, inside Jelly” colored cadillacs with 24 spinnin’ on the sides bumpin’ some Vampire Weekend.

Crazy? Maybe…

Now, make sure you watch the video and hear Chromeo chop it up with some of that infamous Auto-tune. (Seriously, its sick)

And, but of course, here’s their latest remix that dropped today.

Vampire Weekend x Miike Snow – The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance (Remix)

You should know this by now.


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  1. Great song, I saw Vampire Weekend this summer in NYC–they did the free summer soundstage in central park. It rained harder than i’ve ever seen in my life, literally buckets of rain hitting people and the band in place and everyone stayed and they kept playing. They are gonna be good for a long time, and they are in the movie The Proposal coming up, with Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock. Gotta love RomComs.

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