Outasight, Not Out of Mind (Interview).


Outasight – Good Evening (w/ Shoutout). Download HERE.

KnowThisByNow came across a bit of a problem last week.

All we wanted to do was further spread the good word about one of the hottest up-and-comers in hip hop. Unfortunately, we could hardly find any information about him. Literally every site that mentions him derives all of their information from the same press release.

That’s why we got in touch with the Yonkers native to ask “who the hell is Outasight?”

Did you know that he rocks a collared shirt every single day? Or that his sound equipment tried to give a new meaning to “the roof is on fire” by setting off the fire alarm during one of the largest performances of his life?

While he has won MTVu’s “Freshman of the Week” and graced the front page of MySpace, there’s a lot you don’t know about Outasight.

So go ahead and follow along with us as we really get to know your next favorite rapper. When everyone you know is bumping his tracks, get back at us.

We’ll be guys who say “we told you so.” Link to download both of Outasight’s mixtapes after the jump.


What attracts us to you the most is that you always push the fact that you want to be timeless.

Hell yeah. I mean that’s from here to eternity. It’s one man’s journey to go from the present time to becoming timeless. When I’m long gone, my great great great grand kids can hear my music that made an impact on the world.
How’d the performance at the Blender Theater on Monday go?

It was really dope. Besides the fact that the fire alarm went off ’cause the gear was too hot and it started smoking … the crowd was great and the energy was great. Actually, the crowd stuck around after the fire department came and I finished the last two songs of my set with gusto. So, you know. Thank you to everyone who came out. It was really dope. A lot of fellow artists were down there, too, checking it out. And it was ill ’cause I rolled up and there was my name on the marquee of Blender Theater.

It was the day before my birthday so it was a nice present. To be honest, I was surprised. I’ve come a long way, still a long way to go but it was definitely dope.
Every artist dreams about seeing their name in lights. There you go, man.

(Laughts) Yeah. Now i just need to sell that joint out and it’s like the next step in progression. A year ago, I was rocking in basements in Brooklyn in front of 50 people. Now I’m in Blender theater, name on the marquee, a couple hundred. Hopefully this time next year, we’re on a whole different plateau. It’s just progression. I just appreciate all the people that are supporting me and making me happen.
What was the craziest thing to happen during a performance?

I rocked Knitting Factory, right? It was sold out. Crazy! The crowd was reaching the peak energy, it was about to be nuts … and a water pipe exploded. I swear to God. It happened in April. And this whole show got canceled. So, this is the second major catastrophe that has happened during my sets.

I’ve had fans that went to both shows and they told me I handled it like a professional. You just have to stay positive, you know what I mean? Keep a smile on your face and just go with the flow. It’ll end up being a story later down the line.
You’re just going to have to incorporate water into all of your shows from now on.

(Laughts) Water and fire, right? It’s a song dedicated to Captain Planet!

Play any instruments?

Yup yup. I’m a mediocre piano, bass and guitar player.

I actually definitely helped out on the production of the album, but I left the instruments to the guys who do it for a living. I’ll sing and rap and write the words and they can play the instruments and we’ll go from there. I’m definitely going to reach a point when I’m there. You know what i mean? But I just don’t feel that confident yet.

But I do have a lot of ideas and melodies. And the producers that I work with throughout this album, we work hand in hand. So it’s not like people are just sending me beats. We went back and forth a lot.
Speaking of producers, do you have any cameos from other producers or artists?

You guys are the first to know this  … the idea is just coming about.  I’m probably going to do a little precursor mixtape before I leave for SXSW with a bunch of collabs I have in the pocket. It’s a pretty ill list. For the album, I worked with 6th Sense and Cook Classics a lot. Cook’s out in LA. He just dropped Cook New Classics mixtape with Vimby. Check that out. I have a record on there. 6th Sense is a monster. He’s everywhere.

I don’t really have any guest spots because when I do these serious projects … I don’t want to sound crazy … but I feel like I’m a one man collab sometimes.
Describe your music in two sentences.

My music is a combination of past influences and today’s sound with my own original style and soulful approach.
Who are YOU listening to these days?

I keep my ear to the streets. I listen to everybody who has really been dominating the blog circuit. You know, I’ll go and check out the Drake mixtape and Cudi and all that stuff. I listen to a lot of classic stuff, too. Between Voodoo and the Beatles on a daily basis, really. I think there’s a lot of dope talent out there. My man Print is really dope, 6th Sense is really dope, I fuck with Mickey Factz. There are a lot of dope artists out there. It’s easy. The U-N-I mixtape was really dope.
Hear about how Cudi got tasered at the Reebok All-Star Party?

That’s a whole ‘nother level of fame now! He’s on 106 & Park with Kanye tomorrow, right? That’s as big as it gets, bro. That’s a good look. I like him. He has definitely got some dope joints. I’m not falling out of my chair … but I’ll fuck with him.
We know Mickey Factz loves his Supras, but what’re you wearing these days?

I”m an addy head. I’m an adidas head, big time. Recently, I’ve been breaking out more. I just copped a pair of Polo kicks and I really like a company called Common Projects. Really dope. I’ve always been an Adidas head so I’ve got lots of lots of Addys.
Everyone else has got that urban streetwear going on, but you’re rocking that peacoat hard!

(Laughs) Yeah, you know what it is? I’m into European fashion. I’ve always dressed like that. No logos, but very slick but simple. I wear collared shirts everyday of my life and I own no sweatpants. So, you put it together.
People are starting to opt for indie deals as opposed to signing with the big labels these days.

You’ve gotta, man. These major labels have yet to adapt to the way the game is changing. It’s beocming more viral. It’s becoming more about performing live and really pounding the pavement. They’re stuck in a very old school mode of “I’m going to sign this artist, cut them a check and … if their single pops, we’re good. If the single doesn’t pop, he’s fucked. Shelf him.” And the thing is, singles don’t pop the way they use to pop.

There’s so much dope talent that gets shelved … or they never cut the budget to ‘em. They’ll sign them saying “you guys are doing it, doing it” and then they’re like “aw, that’s not commercial enough.” With an indie, the artist is able to really just continue what they’re doing and control his own destiny. And at this point, I feel like artists are more in tune to know what to do to be successful.

Download Radio New York HERE. Download Employee of the Year EP HERE.

You should know this by now.


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