Jay Rock feat. Busta Rhymes- Beat a Rapper Down.


Jay Rock feat. Busta Rhymes- Beat a Rapper Down. Download HERE.

Before the inevitable weekend music lull sets in, we’re going to keep hitting you with jams.  We’ve been bringing you up to date with the newest face of the West Coast over the past two weeks.

You may remember that Jay Rock previously hooked up with Busta on the “All My Life Remix” along with The Game and that original track featured Lil Wayne.  How does Jay attribute being blessed with such impressive guest appearances?

Just networking. I might catch them at a club, you know what I’m saying. Since I got a deal, I’ve been traveling a lot of places.

The deal he speaks of his signing with Top Dawg Entertainment, a division of  Warner Brothers.  When he was leaving a show at Universal Studios, he had his first encounter with Weezy, which went down like this:

I said to him, ‘Yo. I’m Jay Rock, the hottest thing out there.’ I asked him right then, ‘I’d like to work with you some day.’ He said, ‘Whatever. All you have to do is give me a call. I’m a phone call away.’ He was being real.

Not a bad way to start things off.  His upfront and confident approach has done him well as he has features from Wayne, The Game, Busta, Will.i.am, Ne-Yo, and Trey Songz lined up for his debut album, Follow Me Home, coming out this summer.

You should know this by now.


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