Taking You on a QuESt.


If you have been sleeping on the Miami native, who goes by the name QuESt, its time to wake up.  We here at KnowThisByNow are smacking ourselves for not feautring him sooner, but better late than never.

His early mixtapes, Where’s My Rhymebook? and The Reinforcements are must haves for your iTunes library, but what is this young rapper all about?

I’m just a kid who happens to know how to rhyme, who happens to know how to wear gigantic headphones, who happens to listen to Coldplay 7 days a week, and who happens to want to become the greatest rapper of all time so I can become one step closer to taking over the world!

Enough said? Those fortunate enough to get an early copy of his upcoming project described it with one word: “speechless.”

Distant Travels Into Soul Theory, is set to be released on Tuesday, but he did the world a favor and leaked three tracks. On the song featured below he links up with Nero to remake A Tribe Called Quest track.

QuESt feat. Nero- Check the Rhime ’09. Download HERE.

Hit the jump for the other two tracks and mark your calendar’s for March 2nd and check back for the full mixtape.

QuESt- Jealousy. Download HERE.

QuESt- Don’t Ever Go. Download HERE.

You should know this by now.


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  1. […] listening is going to have more than just a little bit of sympathy for what the character (or QuESt) has gone through. The story’s a bummer, but musically, it’s redemptive. Share and […]

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