Asher Roth- 20 Minute Freestyle.


Lots of people are still up in the air on Asher Roth.  It’s hard to deny that the young, pot-smoking, white kid from PA has talent, but some people continue to push the Eminiem comparisons on him, and almost expect him to become Em.

We showed you Ash’s “Song Cry” freestyle that he did while over in England.  Well, this freestyle is a little bit longer, as he rips and rhymes over a variety of tracks.

This all happened across the pond on Tim Westwood’s radio show, who like so many others, prodded Asher into rhyming over Em instrumentals and taking some shots at his fellow Cauasian rapper.

Whatever, you think of Asher, it’s hard as shit to freestyle for 20 minutes straight, and some of his lines are very impressive.   Judge for yourselves, if you have the time to spare.

Asher Roth- 20 Minute Freestyle. Download HERE.

You should know this by now.


One Response

  1. man that dude asher roth is going to be a big deal in the music industry and i have mad respect and love and hope him the best

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