Keepin it Cali with Pacific Division.

We’ve introduced to Jay Rock, as the revitalization of West Coast gangsta rap, chilled to the laid back tunes of Blu and Exile, and most recently jammed to TiRon’s Ketchup mixtape.

Pacific Division is another group primed to make an impact on the hip-hop world.  While the group, consisting of BeYoung and brothers Mibbs and Like, have been around since 2001, their upcoming mixtape and debut album are highly anticipated.

The Palmdale natives describe their influences as “everything fly” and their sound as “microwave burritos and dirty carpet.”  Needless to say this trio is anything but the norm.

There is no doubt that hip-hop is in a transition phase, and Pacific Division is out to make music that:

Delightfully forgets the tangents rap music has taken in the mainstream, and simply affirms that good music is timeless.

While working hard on their debut album F.A.T, the group also takes great pride in making their live shows, well, live and full of energy.

Check out the two songs below, off their hopefully soon to be released Church League Champions mixtape and get a feel for another fresh sound busting out of Cali.

Pacific Division – Pac Div. Download HERE.

Pacific Division- Mayor. Download HERE.

If you like what you hear, hit the jump to peep some live performances and other noteworthy video for your further enjoyment.

Pacific Division- Mayor (Live at Highline Ballroom in NYC)

Pacific Division- Women Problem (Live at the Key Club in LA)

You should know this by now.


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  1. you got the “wake up” track for download they just had it on there myspace but they took it down i dunno where to get that.

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