Mixtape Madness: Talib Kweli x Sha Stimuli x Dr. Dre, 50, Eminem.


Datpiff.com, one of the best sources online for hip-hop mixtapes recently started their 31 mixtapes in 31 days promotion, appropriately titled “Mixtape Madness,” that will run throughout March.  Get it, you know March Madness..yeh.

Hip-hop heads should be familiar with Datpiff, as its easy to use, and free (up to 5 downloads per day) with reasonably priced upgrades available for unlimited downloading.  Mr. M has taken full advantage of these on several occasions.

They started the month off with a bang, releasing mixtapes from the BK MC Talib Kweli, Sha Stimuli, and a collaboartion featuring Dre, 50, and Em.

Quite frankly, its too much to discuss and go through all at once, but we will do you the simple service of providing the download links below, and covers and tracklists after the jump.   Feel free to peruse Datpiff for the daily release, and we will make sure to deliver the hottest ones directly to you.

Talib Kweli-Coast 2 Coast: Exclusive Series Vol. 4. Download HERE.

Sha Stimuli- Coast 2 Coast: Weekly Freestyles. Download HERE.

Dr. Dre x Eminem x 50 Cent: Three Headed Monster. Download HERE.


1.50 Cent – I Get It In
2.50 Cent – Interlude
3.Eminem Feat. Bobby Creekwater & Cashis – Crack A Bottle (Shady Remix)
4.Dr. Dre Feat. T.I. & Kobe- This Is Detox
5.50 Cent – Glow (First Song 50 Cent Ever Recorded)
6.Eminem – pRelapse (DJ Noodles Mix)
7.Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg – Nuthin But A G Thang (Original Version)
8.50 Cent – Blood In The Sand
9.Eminem & Royce Da 5’9′ – Renegade (Original Version)
10.Dr. Dre Feat. Crooked I – Say Dr. Dre
11.50 Cent – Wasn’t Like This Before
12.Eminem – Demons Inside Me
13.Eminem – Dr. Dre Interlude
14.Dr. Dre Feat. Jay-Z & The Game – Money Right
15.50 Cent – You Can Tell
16.Eminem – Relapse Freestyle
17.Dr. Dre Feat. T.I. – Topless
18.50 Cent Feat. R. Kelly – What It Do
19.Eminem – Tonite (Throwback)
20.Kardinal Offishall – Set It Off
21.Kardinal Offishall – Detox Interlude
22.Various Artists – 50 Cent- Bad Newz
23.Eminem Feat. Proof, Bugz & Dreadnaughts – Desparados
24.Dr. Dre – Detox Interlude
25.Dr. Dre – Smokin Weed For Hours
26.Bobby Creekwater – Big Brother (Eminem Tribute)
27.March Mixtape Madness Artist Spotlight- T-Bone – Rimshop


1.Talib Kweli Feat. Idle Warship – How We Do It Over Here
2.Talib Kweli Feat. Bootsy Collins – Internect Connection
3.Talib Kweli – My Favorite Song
4.Idle Warship Feat. Talib Kweli – Girls On the Dance Floor (Remix)
5.Strong Arm Steady – Butt Naked
6.Strong Arm Steady Feat. Guilty Simpson & Talib Kweli – Give It Up
7.Jean Grae – Mean Jean B-Day
8.Strong Arm Steady Feat. Mistah Fab, Planet Asia & Bishop Lamont – Sunny CA
9.Strong Arm Steady Feat. Chace Infinite, Planet Asia & Affion Crockett – Black History
10.U-N-I Feat. Talib Kweli – Return
11.Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek – Blast (Throwback)
12.Talib Kweli – Outro


1.Sha Stimuli – Intro Freestyle
2.Sha Stimuli – Coast 2 Coast Weekly 1
3.Sha Stimuli – Coast 2 Coast Weekly 2
4.Sha Stimuli – Coast 2 Coast Weekly 3
5.Sha Stimuli – Coast 2 Coast Weekly 4
6.Sha Stimuli – Coast 2 Coast Weekly 5
7.Sha Stimuli – Coast 2 Coast Weekly 6
8.Sha Stimuli – Coast 2 Coast Weekly 7
9.Sha Stimuli – Coast 2 Coast Weekly 8
10.Sha Stimuli – Coast 2 Coast Weekly 9
11.Sha Stimuli – Coast 2 Coast Weekly 10
12.Sha Stimuli – Coast 2 Coast Weekly 11
13.Sha Stimuli – Coast 2 Coast Weekly 12
14.Sha Stimuli – Coast 2 Coast Weekly 13
15.Onyx – Last Dayz
16.Sha Stimuli – Coast 2 Coast Weekly 15
17.Bonus Track- Lil Fats, Sha Stimuli, Cymarshall Law, Jusmula, Add 2, Miz, St. Laz – Coast 2 Coast Cyp
18.Bonus Track- Lil Fats Feat. Sha Stimuli – You Aint Heard Of Me Yet

You should know this by now.


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