The Kid Daytona – Fly Shit (Video).

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The Kid Daytona – Fly Shit. Download the song HERE.

We made a mistake.

We’ve been talking about The Kid Daytona for a little while now … and we never gave you a real look into the artist’s background. So, here we go.

The Kid Daytona doesn’t exactly hail from the favorite destination of trashy spring breakers and leather-clad bikers. Actually, he’s from the Bronx.

While he was fortunate enough to attend a Catholic school in the South Bronx, the artist says it was a “catholic school in the ‘hood.” Meaning that he’s had his fair share of mishaps and run-ins.

… My boy’s mom used to be working, and we’d go in his crib and do all sorts of crazy shit. You ever seen that movie Kids? Imagine being like sixteen years old.

Know how artists seem to grow up together?

Try this on for size: Daytona often battled one of Young Money’s newest editions, Jae Millz, back in high school.

Now, the artist finds himself signed to Jackmove Inc. and making moves, much like the video above.

You can expect a lot of playful verses with funky sounds from The Kid Daytona. If there has ever been an artist that made a point of “doing his own thing,” stay with this guy.

Not only is he taking the roads less traveled, but he’s creating new ones.

Also, we’re always appreciative of an artist who knows how to dress. Thank you, Kid, for not being another rapper bludgeoning us with tacky combinations of high-end labels (like THIS guy).

Learn from our mistake and don’t pass up on The Kid Daytona! Download the mixtape that arguably brought the artist to fame, A Tribe Called Fresh, HERE.

You should know this by now.


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