Nipsey Hussle: Just Playing With The Game.


Nipsey Hussle feat. Jay Rock & Maino- Hussle in the House (Remix). Download HERE.

Above we have, the official remix of Nipsey Hussle’s song “Hussle in the House.” Haven’t heard of Nipsey yet, let us do the honors.

When artists call their music “gangsta” rap and that they’re to “doin’ it to rep Cali, South Central Yo,” it’s usually just plain not true. Most of the time the artist ends up being a correctional officer (cough cough) or something reminiscent of that final battle scene in 8 Mile.  Well, Nipsey’s a different story.

He’s a devout member of the Rolling Sixty Crips, and maintains his loyalty while simultaneously having a burgeoning rap career.

I try to keep a balance with my career and who I am aside from that. It’s kinda hard, but I try to stay the same nigga and balance both worlds. You don’t wanna forget where you come from and at the same time, you don’t wanna fuck off your blessing tryna live the same lifestyle you been living.

By age 13, he knew the inner workings of a studio, music was his passion, but the streets were his home.  At one point he sold all his possessions (rims, chains, and the like) to invest in his own studio.

It has seemingly paid off, because after several mixtapes and steadily gaining recognition as a West Coast banger, Nipsey is on tour and getting verses from The Game, who has been touting the duo has the next Snoop and Dre.  Don’t believe us, take a listen after the jump.

If you’re starting to dig his style, hit the jump for more info, mixtape downloads and another track featuring The Game.  West West Y’all!

His upcoming, and to be sure most polished mixtape, Bullets Ain’t Got No Name Vol. 3 is coming soon and since being exonerated of all legal troubles in February is working on a debut album, featuring the song “Rap Music,” which Nipsey says:

That’s basically talkin’ about how rap music saved a nigga’s life and how it coulda went either way for me. Niggas gon’ hear that and understand who I am and what I came from, and what I went through to get this shit.

Nipsey Hussle feat. The Game- They Roll. Download HERE.

Bullets Have No Name Vol. 1 Download HERE. nipsey_hussle_bullets_aint_got_no_name_vol1-front-large1

Bullets Have No Name Vol. 2 Download HERE.


You should know this by now.


2 Responses

  1. Strong enough to put the West back in good standing!!! Its’ like 90’s westcoast gangsta on steriods!! I like the drums they laid over the retro tracks! I’m feeling it and I’m from the NY!

  2. yea great blog !! a lot of usefull infos thanks and keep up the good work!! PS: take a look at my blog

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