G5 Clive- A Bathing Tape (Mixtape) x Interview.


We all know the Bathing Ape clothing line and the high-priced style that comes along with it.  But what is the hell is A Bathing Tape?

Well, it’s the latest mixtape from the 21- year old Uptown DC rapper G5 Clive who has been involved with music since the ripe young age of 8, and recording his own material for the past three years.  We had a little Q & A session  with the Uptown DC native about his career, DC music, and his newest mixtape (download it HERE) and follow the jump for album cover and tracklist.

What’s the inspiration for the title A Bathing Ape?

The tape is called A Bathing Tape because its “showered” wit a lot of different sounds and topics but its still one big reflection of me. Its also a play of the clothing line which brings the freshness and exclusivity to the tape.

Do you have any specific message your trying to get out through your music?

I’m just painting my life as I see it. Speaking for myself, as well as my peers. I’m also promoting individuality, intelligence and style through my music.

Why do you think the DMV area has been overlooked for so long as place where dope music is made?

I feel the music industry.. better yet, these big companies don’t feel the DMV is marketable to a worldwide audience, which I totally disagree with. I feel once the outside world gets familiar with us and our story we won’t be overlooked anymore.

Speaking of the DMV, how do you feel about about Wale’s rise to fame following The Mixtape About Nothing?
I feel its a great thing. It gave our city worldwide notice for not only our go-go talent, but also our hip-hop talent.

Check out two of G5’s personal favorites below and if you dig it you’ll be glad to hear that we can expect “a load of shit this year, good shit though, haha.”

G5 Clive feat. The Clientele- Fight Night.

G5 Clive- Osibasa Wild Lake.


1. BapeStar (Intro)
2. All About That
3. Fight Night (feat. The Clientele)
4. Damaja de Colombia
5. Closer (feat. Cam-n-Sam)
6. SuperTramp (feat. Big Chopps)
7. Prime ATE Clothing (Interlude)
8. How U Want It
9. When I Get On
10. Save The World (feat. Cammy Deathstrike)
11. Osibisa Wild Lake
12. Uptown Jihad (feat. Nate Greyski)
13. Bape Boy (Interlude)
14. It Aint Free (feat. Sock The Rapper)
15. I Still Luv HER
16. Birthday Suit (feat. Swiff)
17. Ice Cream Hoody
18. Black Tee Johnny Quest
19. Ur Gonna Make It (Outro)

Be sure to check Clive out at his MySpace page to catch up on his previous mixtapes, The Godzilla Chronicles, Summa of 88, and The Social Class and as always DMV stand up.

You should know this by now.


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  1. tight shit! any new material?

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