Marky- Nothing is 43ver (Mini-Album).


Welcome to Markyland.

Let us introduce you to 19-year old Washington D.C. native Marcus “Marky” Plater and his newest project, an 11 track “mini-album,” Nothing is 43ver. Download it HERE.

Despite the drug and gang violence that surrounded him growing up in Northeast DC, Marky kept to himself and by-passed the street life for something more real.  Rapping since the age of 13, his dedication paid off when his rhymes attracted the attention of Studio 43 CEO Kenny Burns, who signed him and told him:

I’m gonna put you in the studio with and see what we can come up with.

Nothing is 43ver showcases Marky as a visionary storyteller whose songs are inspired by true-life hardships that resonate a number of different messages.  As a product of the nation’s capital, he has the edge and the street cred to reach out to the hip-hip purist and thug, the surburbs and the streets all … at once.  In their review of the album, Illvibes says:

In a time where mixtapes drop every minute and every hour of the day … Marky is offering something different, a mini-album. In a time where songs are crafted on a formulaic basis … Marky is offering something different: his heart on every track.

With more and more artists from the DMV creating a buzz and gaining national attention, Marky holds it down and accentuates a point we here at KTBN have been trying to press:  2009 is the year of the District, so DMV, stand up!  Try out some Marky below and hit the jump for the album cover, tracklist, and more.

Once again, welcome to Markyland.

Marky- City on My Back (prod. by AB the Producer)


1. The Sweet Taste of Victory
2. Reagan National
3. The Master Piece
4. City of My Back
5. Delusional
6. Stadium Status
7. Lost Vegas
8. Testimony
9. Turn Around
10. That’s Why They Love Me
11. When Amazing Happens

You should know this by now.


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