Dude Royal: He’s Just That Kewl Negro.


Mikey Rocks x Dude Royal x Hollywood Holt- This Shit is Easy. Download HERE.

The above track was released a few weeks ago, featuring Mikey Rocks of The Cool Kids and Dude Royal.  You’re probably thinking “who’s Dude Royal” Well, as any trip to his MySpace of Facebook page will show you, Dude Royal is not your run of the mill rapper.

Michael “Dude Royal” Hooks resides in Encino, CA, and he’s the son of the Prison Break producer. He cites Gucci Mane has his only influence and his band interest is “befriending white girls around the world”.

Oh, did we mention the beat for “This Shit is Easy” is a Dude Royal original?  Now you’re definitely intrigued.

Very few hands have held a copy of his first unreleased album, Loopdy Doops, Woops, & Swoodles (download it HERE.) On this album, Hooks takes on three different rap personas: Vader Ganchos, Carey Skywalker, and of  course Dude Royal.  The short tracks and funky beats grow on you, just ask anyone in the Valley or Ann Arbor.

Through various connections, Dude landed in the studio with Mikey Rocks and booked a performance at SXBW.  Having his foot officially in the door of legitimate hip-hop, Dude Royal has stepped up his dedication and is currently working on his sophomore album, 818s & Heartbreaks.

Only time will tell whether Dude Royal can reach rap royalty … but he has certainly made big strides. You can be assured that he will not lose that “kewl negro” sound that has gotten him this far.

Hit the jump for early Dude Royal tracks and of course the tracklist. We haven’t done our job if you don’t.

Below are two of the quintessential songs from Loopdy Doops, Woops, & Swoodles, followed by the tracklist.

Dude Royal- Dude Royal.

Dude Royal- Vader Ganchos.

1. Encino
2. Flower Fresh
3. Valley Bitches
4. Dude Royal
5. Girl
6. Since the Age of Three
7. Dates is Wack
8. Vader Ganchos
9. Smoking Caffeine
10. Fake Ho

You should know this by now.


4 Responses

  1. So Fly….

  2. loopdy doops, woops & swoodles hooked me n 4 lyfeeeeeee!

  3. Yo… this is some next shit.

  4. […] Holt sound like they might be interesting ones to watch on a post-Kanye, h*pster r*p tip, though – Dude Royal’s “Vader Ganchos” is worth a listen here, and Hollywood Holt’s MySpace shows he doesn’t take himself too […]

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