The Game – Shake (Travis Barker Remix).

The Game – Shake (Travis Barker Remix). Download HERE.

Look at him. Just … look at him. He’s probably the one person that none of our parents wanted us to hang out with when we were growing up.

And that’s exactly why we love Travis Barker so much.

It’s been confirmed that Barker will be producing Paul Wall’s next album in its entirety. Everyone knows that the former Blink-182 drummer has been a trusted ally on the hip hop front. That’s why we’re excited to see him jump head first over onto the dark side.

Also, please note how The Game continues to run his mouth about 50 Cent. Cute.

Me and 50 ain’t agree on shit, so I had to *shake*
Ain’t no tellin’ what he’s putting in that protein *shake*

It’s like trying to tell your 102-year-old grandfather that the Vietnam War is over.

Stay relevant, grandpa!

You should know this by now.


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