N.E.R.D. – Hot ‘N Fun (Ft. Nelly Furtado).

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

N.E.R.D. – Hot ‘N Fun (Ft. Nelly Furtado). Download HERE.

So tired. Can’t write long sentences.

Download. Listen. Dance.

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Slakah The Beatchild – Enjoy Ya Self (Ft. Drake) V.2

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Slakah The Beatchild – Enjoy Ya Self (Ft. Drake) V.2. Download HERE.

We really hope you have on a robe and are sipping on a glass of daddy’s finest cognac … because this is the definition of “Grown & Sexy.”

G&S, ladies and gentlemen. Ray Kay may have just sprout his first chest hairs listening to this track.

The song itself actually dropped about a year ago. Now, you get to enjoy a montage of two of your favorite Candian artists to accompany the track. Not bad, eh?

To be honest, we don’t find ourselves posting material from Canadians on the blog too often. But when we do, we’re always damn happy that we did.

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The Game – Shake (Travis Barker Remix).

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The Game – Shake (Travis Barker Remix). Download HERE.

Look at him. Just … look at him. He’s probably the one person that none of our parents wanted us to hang out with when we were growing up.

And that’s exactly why we love Travis Barker so much.

It’s been confirmed that Barker will be producing Paul Wall’s next album in its entirety. Everyone knows that the former Blink-182 drummer has been a trusted ally on the hip hop front. That’s why we’re excited to see him jump head first over onto the dark side.

Also, please note how The Game continues to run his mouth about 50 Cent. Cute.

Me and 50 ain’t agree on shit, so I had to *shake*
Ain’t no tellin’ what he’s putting in that protein *shake*

It’s like trying to tell your 102-year-old grandfather that the Vietnam War is over.

Stay relevant, grandpa!

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The Chiddy Bang Theory.

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Chiddy Bang – Under the Sheets. From Air Swell mixtape.

We’ve got a good feeling about these two … and you’ll be quick to hop on the same page.

The duo was picked as mtvU’s Freshmen of the Week a couple of weeks back for their video below (after the jump). Finally. A refreshing take on one of the most overly-remixed songs of 2009, right?

Dubbed “the hipster’s wet dream,” Chiddy Bang is comprised of Chidera “Proto” Anamege (Chiddy) and Xaphoon Jones. It’s important to note that while we’re drawn to the Philly-based group for its lyricism, the production is just as much of a draw.

Chiddy Bang’s another prime example of how hip hop is becoming increasingly educated. Proto and Xaphoon first met at Drexel and have been churning out whispering eye-wetting tracks since.

Misters Anamege and Jones recently released their mixtape Air Swell (which was exclusively dropped in the UK). Download it HERE.

Word has it that the tracks were recorded as the two traveled back and forth from our crumpet-harboring neighbor island across the pond.

If nothing else, give them a chance as these two are probably the only reason Paul McCartney’s song “Ebony & Ivory” is still relevant today.

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Let’s Play A Little Game …

April 21, 2010 - One Response

Wale – Freaks (Bird Peterson Remix). Download HERE.

Chiddy Bang – Hey London. Download HERE.

Usher – Oh My Gosh (Prod. by Will.I.Am.). Download HERE.

Called “catch up.”

So, here’s the deal. We’re really bad with apologies. That’s why we’re not going to fall back on any.

Did we leave you without a word? Yes. Have we not posted in almost a year? Yeah. Have we lost our touch? No.

Think of this long overdue post as incredible makeup sex. Note – don’t even think about trying to cuddle afterwards.

Check back often as we’re going back to posting on a timely basis. While the regulars already knew that, this ones for you newcomers …

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Dance Party in the Library.

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Sorry for the lack of posts as of late, peoples of the internets. All of the crew at KTBN are suffering a slow death by finals at each of our respective schools.

The good news is that we found a way to incorporate the site into everyone’s studies.

One of RayKay’s friends bet him that he couldn’t start a dance party in the library during exams.

Yeah. He was dead wrong.

Man, we keep telling people but some heads just still aren’t listening. Just in case YOU forgot …

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The Sneaker Mirror.

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Vodpod videos no longer available.
Did you know that there’s course being taught at Carnegie Mellon University that’s entitled “Sneakerology 101?”  The Pittsburgh college has legitimzed the art and history of the sneaker by teaching about its connection to hip hop, the internet and basketball … all in the clasroom.

There’s even a midterm where you have to design a sneaker using the elements taught throughout the semester.

You probably also don’t know about this Sneaker Mirror that reproduces pixels fed through a live webcam by using the images of over 100 of the most iconic sneakers. It’s kind of hard to explain.

Just watch the video.

This crazy concept was conceived and delivered by Jessy Chorng for Kicksburgh 2009 (the guys that created Sneakerology 101).

You should know this by now.

KiD CuDi- Daps & Pounds.

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KiD CuDi- Daps & Pounds. Download HERE.

Wow. A rapper delivering on a promise in a timely manner.  CuDi really is of a new generation.

As noted in the post below, this is CuDi’s contribution for 4/20.  Pretty dope.

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KiD CuDi- Higher Up.

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KiD CuDi- Higher Up. Download HERE.

Cudders slows it down a bit, reminiscent of “The Prayer” as he rhymes over the Dre and Snoop track “Imagine.”  Be on the lookout for another CuDi jam later today as he promised one to celebrate the day he loves most.

Also, I got a new joint, Ima put out on 4/20 for y’all. Its called “Daps and Pound,” might change the title but i think its sound pretty illy. It’ll only be available on my site.

So look out for that, and the final copy of “The Sky Might Fall” is finished and will be released soon.  CuDi claims it’s nothing like we heard when it first leaked.  He also spoke about his debut album, Man on the Moon: The Guardians, saying:

The last couple days I’ve been workin wit Will.i.am, APL, and Jean Baptiste out here in LA and all I can say is, please, please get ready. My album will be nothing short of friggin awesomely wicked. I’m enhancing my sound one track at a time, sooo don’t try and figure out how the albums gonna sound cuz you wont be able to imagine.

Well there’s not much else to be said about that. The album will be dope and thankfully not his only release.

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Big Sean- UKNOWBIGSEAN (Mixtape).

April 20, 2009 - One Response


Don’t know about you, but we have been waiting for Big Sean to drop this mixtape for a while now.  And in the slight oversight, missed the fact that it actually did drop when we leaked two tracks the other day. Download HERE.

Might as well go right to the source for the download, http://www.uknowbigsean.com, not to mention we’re all a little lazy at times.

The Dirty D native is really starting to make a name for himself.  He’s got the talent.  Oh and its not such a bad thing to have Kanye and Mike Posner in your corner either.

Sean hits you with some full versions of snippets that were on his Finally Famous mixtape, as well as some Matter of Time stuff, but no worries, the tape is 30 tracks long.

If he has that much lying around the studio, we can’t wait for the debut album to hit stores, sooner rather than later.

Big Sean feat. Dusty McFly- Iraq

Big  Sean feat. Jay-K- Paper Chaser.

Tracklist after the jump. Yip.

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Wiz Khalifa- Flight School (Mixtape).

April 20, 2009 - 2 Responses


We’ve been talking about this mixtape and dropping leaks for weeks now, but the real thing has finally dropped.  Wiz goes in real hard on this 22 track mixtape.

He displays some definite versatilty with techno-charged songs like “Get Sum,” and he also throws some curveballs at you with some despised autotune, and even a little H-Town slowed down flow on some tracks.  But as always you can expect to hear some fire music.

Don’t sleep on the Wiz or the mixtape.  Download HERE or buy it through his MySpace page if you feel so compelled. Tracklist after the jump as always kids.

Wiz Khalifa- Name on a Cloud.

Wiz Khalifa- Never Ever.

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Wiz Khalifa- Get Sum.

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Wiz Khalifa- Get Sum. Download HERE.

We bring you the third leak off Wiz’s upcoming mixtape Flight School. We all know Younh Khalifa is a dope freestyler, but he is also quite adept at incorporating techno/trance beats into his music. Everyone remembers “Say Yeah.”

This track is anthem about “getting some”, in this case that means money.  And in these times, who isn’t trying to get some dollars.

Flight School is dropping later this month..hopefully.  Below peep a live performance of the new song.

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Lykke Li – Dance Dance Dance (Grandtheft RMX).

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Lykke Li – Dance Dance Dance (Grandtheft RMX). Download HERE (Right click and press “save as”).

Lykke Li (pronounced “Licky Lee”) kind of sounds like your modern-day Alanis Morissette. Only, she’s actually cool and relevant.

And attractive. Sorry, Alanis.

The Swedish indie pop artist is thankfully a successful product of the blogosphere. Much like many of today’s artists, she made a name for herself by posting songs on her MySpace page.

Her quirky singing voice is often backed by a bass that’s heavy enough to make it tingle in all of the right places. Catchy hooks and labido-enticing beats. What more can you really ask for.

After a well celebrated debut album (entitled Little Bit) in 2007, Ms.  Li now finds herself signed to an independent label by the name of LL Recordings and making rather regular appearances on the Swedish MTV.

Don’t sleep on this one, ladies and gentlemen. As much as we love saying “we told you so,” we’re more partial to uttering …

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Nike Air Yeezy Fire Red Colorway.

April 11, 2009 - 2 Responses


A new colorway for the mega hyped Air Yeezy was officially revealed at a Nike sneaker exhibition in Taipei.

With a simple,  black upper and a bold, bright red sole, this colorway definitely draws inspiration from the Jordan and has a more athletic feel to it than the other Yeezys we’ve seen.

No word on an official release date, but we will definitely keep you updated.

You should know this by now.

Asher Roth feat. Chester French- As I Em (Full CDQ).

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Asher Roth ft. Chester French- As I Em. Download HERE.

First we offered you the sneak peak at Asher addressing, through rhyme, his opinion of the Eminem comparisons.

Now the full CDQ track is available and we have updated the link for your pleasure.  The hook is still provided by fellow Caucasians, Chester French.

If this doesn’t make the critics go away, then Asleep in the Bread Aisle certainly will. And if they’re still around after that, it’s just needless hate.

Hit the jump for the lyrics from the first verse.

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