The Staff

bio-picture-rk-copyRay Kay
Born in New York and raised in our nation’s capital, Ray Kay claims to have visited every “important” city in the U.S.

Need to convince him to do something? Fire up a warm bowl of pho and ask away. Don’t know what pho is? Something’s wrong with you.

He also thinks all this “hipster” hate is just unnecessary. Can’t we all just get along?mrm-copy3Mr. M
Pharmacy technician by day, blogger by night, Mr. M’s hip-hop knowledge stretches from the cold campus of Ann Arbor to the streets of the DMV.

While not the most technologically savvy individual, he has learned to fully take advantage of downloading gigabytes and gigabytes of music for your entertainment.

In the words of the DMV’s own Wale, “Lord I’m so focused more focused than I ever been, so slightly passed M, like the letter N.”

senorreyesSenor Reyes
Raised on the mean streets of the Bronx, Senor Reyes will most likely leave out the fact that he moved to the suburbs at age 10.

Looks are deceiving, but this tall Spanish kid is surprisingly not an athlete and is actually quite knowledgeable about today’s music and fashion.

Don’t be surprised when you get excited about finding a new artist or discovering a hot new song because chances are— Senor Reyes has probably known about it for a while now.

Despite hailing from the mountains of North Carolina, Z-Silly has big city swag, or so he thinks.

Splitting his time between the recording studio and the blogosphere, Z-Silly is equally versed in the latest music and fashion.

Bringing over his knowledge to make this site so illy, Know This By Now just got Z-Silly.

Quach is simply our in-house computer nerd.

He makes what the rest of the staff wishes would happen … actually happen.


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