ArtOfficial – In Your City(Video).
April 6, 2009

ArtOfficial – In Your City Promo Video

Well, we’ve been steadily watching this band for a while and we’re going to go out on a limb and say that these guys, might end up being the Latino version of The Roots.

That’s right.  We said it.

Check out this Jazz/Hip Hop group from Miami that’s going to be coming out with a mixtape with illroots in the near future.

They’ve been praised for their amazing performance that would have you telling your friends you work on Friday nights because you don’t want them to realize that this is the 6th time your gonna see ArtOfficial.

If you don’t trust us, we should let you know how hurt we feel and hook up with your best friend, but instead, you can just check out a sample song below.

Watch the promo video (Like a Boss), download the album (HERE, Like a boss), and enjoy (Like a boss).

ArtOfficial – Big City, Bright Lights

You should know this by now.