The Dean’s List.
June 1, 2010

The Dean’s List – Kardashian. Download HERE.

The Dean’s List – I’ll Be Okay. Download HERE.

The fact that the new class of hip hop is coming from increasingly educated backgrounds is undeniable. Whether you love it or hate it, blame the internet.

The discovery of hip hop is no longer restricted to hand-to-hand exchanges of mixtapes or serendipitously walking by a boombox on full blast.

College campuses have become incredible meeting grounds for talented artists, producers and other musicphiles alike to link up and create the very songs that you find yourself bobbing your head to.

Enter The Dean’s List.

The Boston-based group is on its grind and we’re more than happy to tip our hats to them.

Made up of DJ Mendoza, Sonny Shotz, Mik Beats and Jordan Brown, TDL boasts a rather impressive repertoire that we have trouble finding any problems with.

Whether you’re a fan of their production, cunning wordplay or diversity that probably has many members of the United Nations smiling, let’s all agree on one thing …

We like them.

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This process couldn’t get any easier.

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Shepard Fairey Plasters Boston.
January 30, 2009


Shepard Fairey has graced the streets once again with his undeniably unique talent for urban art.

This time, he picked Boston to showcase his said talent.

Even with temperatures that’re hitting the low teens, the South Carolina has been spotted throwing up stickes, murals and wheatpastes all throughout the the city that houses the Green Mon-sta.

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Supastar LT – Dreamer.
January 16, 2009


Akon has been introducing a number of artists from his label these past couple of weeks.

Today, we get a look at Supastar LT – the 20-year-old Houston-born, Boston-raised rapper.

We’re once again reminded of how hip hop is getting more and more educated. Supastar LT is currently working on his Business Marketing degree in Boston while trying to juggle his positions as president of 21st Century Music Management and newest artist of Konvict Music.

While LT cites a lot of influences (mostly West Coast artists like Snoop), he says that he doesn’t sound like any of them.

As long as you tell the truth and keep it real, your audience will accept you.

A rising name in the Boston hip hop game, let’s see if “keeping it real” grants LT some recognition.

Here’s his new song below. Thoughts?

Supastar LT – Dreamer. Download HERE.

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Bee Boy.
December 2, 2008


Meet Bboy Zee.

Quite possibly one of the greatest standardized test takers we have ever met. Zee met us at nerd camp way back when pogs were hitting the elementary school scene. (Remember slammers? No? That’s unfortunate.)

Over 13 years later, here he is – making a name for himself in the bboy scene up in Boston while dancing with his current crew Bulletproof Theory.

You’d be rather hard pressed to find anyone who takes the culture more seriously than Zee. He has actually applied for a government grant that would allow him to travel all around China whlie documenting and interviewing the scene over in the Far East. Talk about taking it back to the roots.

Zee was kind enough to make a video for You Should Know This By Now. Check it out. You might learn a thing or two.

Or fifteen.

Song in video: Weird Fishes/Arpeggi by Radiohead

You should know this by now.