New Lupe Album Update.
March 24, 2009


Alright, so a month or so ago, we told you the unfortunate news about LupE.N.D‘s indefinite postponement.  Well that has now turned into an all out cancellation of the project.

Lupe, announcing his plans through his new Twitter page, has renamed his upcoming project, originally titled The Great American Rap Album to We Are Lasers. In the words of Lupe himself, the new title:

Comes from some repressed high school outcast shit…blended amidst And He Gets The Girl ambitions. I’ve been working for about a week and around 60% done.

What guest appearances can we expect?:

There’s not too many hip-hoppers on this one…got a slot for Bun B though…contemplating CuDi.

Despite the disappointment surrounding the cancellation of the third part of his original trilogy of albums, there is still the good news that he his aiming to put out two albums this year.

Oh, and apparently, he’s still retiring, but that word has lost meaning in recent weeks..see the post below.  Anyway, more news, good and bad from the Lupe camp, and looking forward to any album leaks that may come out.  Keep it locked.

You should know this by now.


QuESt vs. Nero- Sky Might Fall (Remix).
March 9, 2009


QuESt vs. Nero- Sky Might Fall (Remix). Download HERE.

QuESt continues to drop fire in the week following the release of Distant Travels Into Soul Theory. On this track he hooks up with New York native, Nero, who he’s done a couple songs with before (see: Check the Rhime ’09).

The two youngin’s decided, what the hell, let’s go over CuDi’s unfinished track..and they definitely do their thing.

I wanted to stay away from this beat but I guess it caught up to me some how.

I guess the beat is too hot for people to keep their hands off of and the original isn’t even finished yet, but we’ll take it.

You should know this by now.