Drake Ghostwriting For Lil Wayne?
February 20, 2009


Did we lure you in? Ha.


In our pursuit to promote Drake’s new mixtape, we’ve come across many people who’ve asked, “Drake, who?”

Shying away from our immediate response of slapping them in the face, we’ve learned to combat this ignorance with a post that can help everyone out there who has the nerve of not knowing who Drake is.

Our good folks at Complex magazine recently sat down for a one-on-one with Drizzy Drake.

Click HERE for the interview, and make sure to share the wealth with others (always telling them where you got it first).

Here’s a little snippet:

Complex:We all saw him [Lil Wayne] spit one of your verses at the MTV awards.

Drake: Yeah, at the VMA’s. That was just a spontaneous decision on his part. He used to always tell me, “I love that verse,” and just came out on stage and rapped that verse. [Laughs] And the wildest part was I was stuck outside of the Awards. I couldn’t even get into the award show ‘cause they didn’t give me the right pass, so I was stuck outside listening to my verse. It was my Hilary Swank moment.

Check it out and Click HERE if you want some more of Drizzy Drake.

You should know this by now.