So Far Gone…So Far Late?
February 13, 2009

40 finishing So Far Gone

Feb 12, at 11am: We log in, anticipating So Far Gone and much to our dismay, it wasn’t out yet.

Feb 12, at 2pm: So Far Gone still not up. Broken Promises?

Feb 12, at 9pm: Drake. Drake?? Are we getting punked? Good one! (Not really)

Feb 12, at 11:59pm: Dissapointment/ Anger. We’re going to kidnap Soulja Boy Cassie Steele.

Feb 13, at 4:48am: Abbreviated dreams, extended nightmares. Seriusly.

Feb 13, at 12:30pm: It’s here. We’ve been waiting…

Feb 13, at 2pm: God listens to Hip Hop, and right now he’s bumpin’ So Far Gone.

Moral of the story. Patience is a virtue. Downloading this mixtape is more of a commandment.

Much Love to (super Engineer/producer) 40.

Shout to iLLRoots for the video.

Download the mixtape HERE.

You should know this by now.