Drake – Far From Over Mixtape.
April 28, 2010

Drake – Overdose.

Drake – Mambo (Ft. Fito Blanko)

Drake – Where Were You (Ft. Colin Munroe)

We got you.

Download the mixtape HERE.

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Eminem – Despicable Freestyle.
April 27, 2010

Eminem – Despicable Freestyle. Download HERE.

To be completely honest with you, we’ve kind of missed Em.

Not because he’s been gone … but because he just didn’t have that fire we grew up respecting. Even though his last album, Relapse, debuted at number one, ended up selling almost 2 million domestic copies and ultimately got him two Grammys, we thought there was something missing.

Then he came along by making an appearance on Drake’s “FOREVER” track to shut us the hell up.

The freestyle above has got us excited again. While he may not have anything to prove to any of us, it’s good to see that he’s keeping the ball rolling.

Note: in case you didn’t notice, Marshall lays down some fire over the beats to Drake’s “Over” and Lloyd Banks’ “Beamer, Benz or Bentley.”

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Slakah The Beatchild – Enjoy Ya Self (Ft. Drake) V.2
April 22, 2010

Slakah The Beatchild – Enjoy Ya Self (Ft. Drake) V.2. Download HERE.

We really hope you have on a robe and are sipping on a glass of daddy’s finest cognac … because this is the definition of “Grown & Sexy.”

G&S, ladies and gentlemen. Ray Kay may have just sprout his first chest hairs listening to this track.

The song itself actually dropped about a year ago. Now, you get to enjoy a montage of two of your favorite Candian artists to accompany the track. Not bad, eh?

To be honest, we don’t find ourselves posting material from Canadians on the blog too often. But when we do, we’re always damn happy that we did.

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Promise feat. Drake- In My City.
April 7, 2009


Promise feat. Drake- In My City. Download HERE.

Two of the freshest products from north of the border hook up on this track.  Both Toronto natives, Drizzy and Promise, do their thing by putting together a little something something.

It’s pretty dope, eh?

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The Five One x Drake – Robin Hood.
March 13, 2009


The Five One x Drake- Robin Hood. Download HERE.

A day late and a dollar short, but the Deuce Burger for the week is here.  Apologies on our end for the delay, but better late than never.

This week The Five One kicks it lowkey over a Drake track, and if you listen to Gold’s opening verse you can understand why the song is named Robin Hood.

The group has been messin’ around with a lot of Disney movies and soundtrack concepts recently, all while getting used to new sound equipment. Which in case you don’t know, is a bitch to do.

Another interesting fact: Green’s nephew was brought in the studio to sing the chorus..first time every in the booth and he nailed it. Not bad, right?

Keep listening to the weekly Deuce Burgers, check them out on iTunes, and hit up deucedayworld.com, and keep it locked here for some exclusive stuff coming in the near future.

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DJ Capcom- I’m Goin In feat. Lil Wayne, Drake, & Truth.
March 9, 2009


DJ Capcom- I’m Goin In feat. Lil Wayne, Drake, & Truth. Download HERE.

Michigan native DJ Capcom enlists some heavyweights to spit on this track.  You know you’re always going to get fire from Drake and Weezy seems to be reconsidering his “rock” album and gets back on a street-banger.

With the indefinite delay of Rebirth, and the less the stellar review of both the song and video for “Prom Queen,” Weezy is probably rethinking his plans for the summer.

But with help of Drizzy and Truth, this track is pretty dope.  Opinions?

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QuESt- Lust for Self.
March 8, 2009


QuESt- Lust for Self. Download HERE.

The kid called QuESt hops on this Drizzy track and does his thing.  If you haven’t heard Distant Travels Into Soul Theory yet you need to wake up and get acquainted with this kid, he’s gonna be big.

Look for many more songs, and a couple more projects coming out this year.

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Drake x Kanye x Andre 3000= The Perfect Song.
February 23, 2009

Eighty81 interviews Drizzy Drake.

Drake x Kanye x Andre 3000 comprise what Drake would consider, his perfect song.

Sorry…we’re not saying that they’ve actually made a song together.

Got yo’ ass.

Seriously though, for those of you who were totally against reading the Complex article, now you can just sit back and enjoy. Eighty81 recently caught up with Drizzy and tried their best to stump him by asking questions like,

“What question should we have asked you?”

You decide whether this kid is actually part of the Eighty81 staff. But, let’s make one thing clear: Don’t think that we’re becoming a Drake groupie site, cause we aren’t.

When 3/4 of your friends who listen to rap/hip-hop are bumpin’ an artist’s new mixtape and posting it all over their facebook, AIM, and twitter, multiple posts about that certain artist are completley acceptable.

Sidenote: Everyone go to Drake’s site and tell him that he should go on a University College tour.

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Nickelus F- Thank You (Mixtape) x Trenches.
February 21, 2009


With the all the hype surrounding the release of Drake’s mixtape, Richmond, VA and Drizzy affiliate, Nickelus F has gotten a bit overlooked.

He got his first big break back in 2000 when he placed second among 300 contenders in the Source Unsigned Hype Freestyle Battle.  Since then he’s also appeared numerous times on BET’s infamous “Freestyle Friday.”

With his skills refined, a co-sign from Drake, a recently released mixtape, and an album on the way, Nickelus F is primed to make an impact.  He places himself somewhere between gangbanger and hipster and says:

My inspiration comes mainly from experiences and emotions. I’m not a super thug, I’m just a regular dude, but I’ve done some grimy shit in my life.

Haven’t we all done some grimy shit though? His mixtape, Thank You, dropped on Thursday, which you can download HERE.  Follow the jump for album cover and tracklist.

The track below is off his upcoming album, Heathen, set to come out on the 27th with a video and few more tracks expected next week. Take a listen and give us your five cents worth.

Nickelus F – Trenches.  Download HERE.


Drake Ghostwriting For Lil Wayne?
February 20, 2009


Did we lure you in? Ha.


In our pursuit to promote Drake’s new mixtape, we’ve come across many people who’ve asked, “Drake, who?”

Shying away from our immediate response of slapping them in the face, we’ve learned to combat this ignorance with a post that can help everyone out there who has the nerve of not knowing who Drake is.

Our good folks at Complex magazine recently sat down for a one-on-one with Drizzy Drake.

Click HERE for the interview, and make sure to share the wealth with others (always telling them where you got it first).

Here’s a little snippet:

Complex:We all saw him [Lil Wayne] spit one of your verses at the MTV awards.

Drake: Yeah, at the VMA’s. That was just a spontaneous decision on his part. He used to always tell me, “I love that verse,” and just came out on stage and rapped that verse. [Laughs] And the wildest part was I was stuck outside of the Awards. I couldn’t even get into the award show ‘cause they didn’t give me the right pass, so I was stuck outside listening to my verse. It was my Hilary Swank moment.

Check it out and Click HERE if you want some more of Drizzy Drake.

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Drake – Congratulations.
February 18, 2009


Drake – Congratulations. Download HERE.

So here’s a bonus track that Drizzy Drake didn’t include in his mixtape So Far Gone.

Hey. At least the bonus track is on time.

You should know this by now.

Big Sean in the Studio with Pharrell.
February 15, 2009

Pharrell and Big Sean spend some time in the studio talking about Sean’s upcoming debut album Finally Famous expected to drop this Spring.

Of course, Charles Hamilton makes a requisite appearance and opens his mouth to give the album “his co-sign.”

With all the buzz swarming around KiD CuDi, Drake, and the aforementioned Charles Hamilton lately, Big Sean, also a member of the G.O.O.D music family, has been getting less and less attention.

Big Sean is one of a slew of artists who are about to blow up G.O.O.D music, with Cudders, Consequence, and others all coming out with albums soon.

In case you haven’t copped it yet, download Finally Famous Vol. 1: The Mixtape, HERE.

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Blu- Her Favorite Colo(u)r (Mixtape).
February 15, 2009


While thousands of people (including us) were tirelessly staring at blog updates for the delayed release of Drake’s mixtape, here we have Blu, probably the most underrated of the XXL Freshman, slip a fresh mixtape right under our noses.

There was little to know promotion or press for this mixtape, entitled Her Favorite Colo(u)r, which after giving it a listen deserves equal attention to Drizzy or Charles Hamilton.

We have covered the West Coast wonder on several occasions, so if this is the first you heard his name or music, shame on you.

Download the mixtape HERE, and enjoy one of our favorite tracks below.

Blu- Amnesia.

Hit the jump for cover art and tracklist.


So Far Gone…So Far Late?
February 13, 2009

40 finishing So Far Gone

Feb 12, at 11am: We log in, anticipating So Far Gone and much to our dismay, it wasn’t out yet.

Feb 12, at 2pm: So Far Gone still not up. Broken Promises?

Feb 12, at 9pm: Drake. Drake?? Are we getting punked? Good one! (Not really)

Feb 12, at 11:59pm: Dissapointment/ Anger. We’re going to kidnap Soulja Boy Cassie Steele.

Feb 13, at 4:48am: Abbreviated dreams, extended nightmares. Seriusly.

Feb 13, at 12:30pm: It’s here. We’ve been waiting…

Feb 13, at 2pm: God listens to Hip Hop, and right now he’s bumpin’ So Far Gone.

Moral of the story. Patience is a virtue. Downloading this mixtape is more of a commandment.

Much Love to (super Engineer/producer) 40.

Shout to iLLRoots for the video.

Download the mixtape HERE.

You should know this by now.

Drake- So Far Gone (Mixtape).
February 13, 2009


It’s finally here.  People have been waiting for this mixtape to drop like the second coming of Jesus and finally it has arrived.

With all that’s already been said, there’s not much left to write about.  Just download, listen, and think of it as an early Valentine’s gift.

Download HERE.

Hit the jump for crazy back cover artwork and legible tracklist.