The Five One x Lupe Fiasco- Fighters Remix.
March 19, 2009


The Five One x Lupe Fiasco- Fighters Remix. Download HERE.

Hopefully, you’ve started to pick up on the trend that Thursday mornings bring you the weekly Deuce Burger from the Virginia-based group The Five One.  This is the 1th of 51 remix tracks from their year long album 5109: The Remix Album.

This week the group remixes one of the more unknown and underrated Lupe songs from The Cool, “Fighter” featuring vocalist Matthew Santos.  The lowkey beat is a perfect fit and allows the group to their intellectual and thought-provoking lyric, while preserving the originality of the Lupe song.

In fact, Lupe’s verse still remains at the end, although it is now a bit outdated as he references LUPE.N.D, which as we all know as been indefintely delayed.

Another good listen from The Five One, and continue to keep an eye on them as they are working on another album and preparing for a summer tour.

You should know this by now.