The Chiddy Bang Theory.
April 22, 2010

Chiddy Bang – Under the Sheets. From Air Swell mixtape.

We’ve got a good feeling about these two … and you’ll be quick to hop on the same page.

The duo was picked as mtvU’s Freshmen of the Week a couple of weeks back for their video below (after the jump). Finally. A refreshing take on one of the most overly-remixed songs of 2009, right?

Dubbed “the hipster’s wet dream,” Chiddy Bang is comprised of Chidera “Proto” Anamege (Chiddy) and Xaphoon Jones. It’s important to note that while we’re drawn to the Philly-based group for its lyricism, the production is just as much of a draw.

Chiddy Bang’s another prime example of how hip hop is becoming increasingly educated. Proto and Xaphoon first met at Drexel and have been churning out whispering eye-wetting tracks since.

Misters Anamege and Jones recently released their mixtape Air Swell (which was exclusively dropped in the UK). Download it HERE.

Word has it that the tracks were recorded as the two traveled back and forth from our crumpet-harboring neighbor island across the pond.

If nothing else, give them a chance as these two are probably the only reason Paul McCartney’s song “Ebony & Ivory” is still relevant today.



B.o.B x Asher Roth x Charles Hamilton – Change Gonna Come.
January 19, 2009

Charles Hamilton, Asher Roth, B.o.B – Change Gonna Come

This song came out a while back, in fact we first heard it on the Pass Us The Torch mixtape, but it seems appropriate to post the official video and song as we officially start a new era in Washington tomorrow.

Not only will change be coming to the White House, but as you should know by now, these three artists represent the changing of the guard in the hip-hop community.  Enjoy and download HERE.

You should know this by now.

Mikkey Halsted: The Uncrowned King.
January 18, 2009

As Chicago continues to press on as a force in the hip-hop world (see Kanye West, Common, Rhymefest), Mikkey Halsted is another great talent emerging out of midwest Windy City.

Mikkey got his start with Kanye, who produced his first demo and landed him a deal with Cash Money Millionaires (of all labels).

But the deal was a match made in hell and the lyrically talented rapper with a graduate degree in education did not fit with the Millionaires and failed to release an album.

He describes his experience with Cash Money:

“It was just hell, literally man. It was like 3 years of hell. Me and Baby didn’t see eye to eye. We did in the beginning, because I really thought he was gonna put my stuff out, but then he wouldn’t let Kanye be part of my project anymore. Then it went downhill…It was just a ghetto ass business man.”

After getting out of New Orleans, Mikkey reconnected with Kanye and Chicago producer NO ID and has found his musical groove.

He worked with several producers including NO ID and dropped The Uncrowned King mixtape in 2008, which fully displays his artistic and lyrical abilities that have many saying that he will be a centerpiece in the hip-hop game for years to come.

“The Chicago story will never be told in its entirety unless Mikkey gets a chance to speak his peace.” – NO ID

Catch up on all that is Mikkey Halsted by downloading his mixtape HERE and take a listen to his newly released song featuring Kanye below.  Also featured is a new joint featuring GLC.  Follow the jump for cover art and tracklist for The Uncrowned King.

Mikkey Halsted feat. Kanye West – Foolish Game  Download HERE.

Mikkey Halsted feat. GLC- Just Juke (prod. by NO ID) Download HERE.


Christian Rich- Jeezy Eats at Lola’s.
January 18, 2009


Christian Rich is an electro-beat making hip-hip duo.  The two brothers, Christian and Rich, have slowly been gaining influence in the hip-hop community.

To date, they have helped make tracks for artists ranging from Lil Kim (before she went to prison)and Foxy Brown to The Clipse and Timbaland’s protege, Izza Kizza.

CR’s most recent release is a short mixtape that crosses the street inspired flows of Young Jeezy with electro beats titled Jeezy Eats at Lola’s.

Sound interesting?

As you will see the cover work  is Dr. Seuss inspired, and as the duo explains the title has a distinct meaning as well:

“This mixtape was inspired by a resturant in Tribeca called LOLA’s that apparently is black owned and its the only black owned resturant in the area. It also was in the middle of a racial controversy over the summer because the Tribeca residents didn’t see its fit in the neighboorhood. Well LOLA’s is still there and so is club Sway where we based the style of music on.”

In addition to Jeezy, the mixtape features verses from Kanye, MGMT, M.I.A, and Hotchip.  It’s definitely a different sound that many are used to, so give a listen to a sample below and check out the cover art and tracklist after the jump.

Download the full mixtape HERE.

Young Jeezy feat. MGMT- Electric Survival (Christian Rich Mix)


B.o.B Crowd Surfs Through Denver.
January 18, 2009

The title pretty much explains it all.

While performing his now hit song “I’ll Be in the Sky” in Denver B.o.B and his running mate Playboy Tre go crowd surfing.

As predicted by XXL and our staff B.o.B is gaining popularity as the multi-talented rapper prepares for the release of his debut album The Adventures of B.o.B sometime this year.

You should know this by now.

Saigon Responds with Under Achiever.
January 18, 2009


It took a couple of days, but Saigon has responded to Joe Budden’s song with his own diss track titled “Under Achiever.”  He calls out Budden’s son for being gay and labels him a one-hit wonder, among other things.

Many have claimed that Joe won this alleged “battle,” but we think the problem with so-called diss tracks is that they often don’t fully showcase an artists talents.

Saigon is better than this, but we leave the judgment up to you.

Saigon feat. Prodigy – Under Achiever Download HERE.

You should know this by now.

UGK- Da Game Been Good to Me.
January 18, 2009


Yes, despite the untimely death of one half of UGK, the duo has dropped a new, previously recorded track.  Give it a listen below and R.I.P Pimp C.

UGK- Da Game Been Good to Me Download HERE

You should know this by now.

Jay Rock ft. Skyzoo & K-Dot – Talk My Shit.
January 17, 2009

Latest song by Jay Rock, a rapper out of Watts, CA, more to come on him, featuring our man Skyzoo.  Look for Jay Rock’s debut album Follow Me Home coming soon.

Jay Rock’s got that deep, angry voice that has come to embody West Cost gangsta rap, tell us what you think.

Jay Rock feat. Skyzoo and K Dot- Talk My Shit (Again and Again)   Download HERE.

You should know this by now.

Joe Budden- Letter to Saigon
January 15, 2009

Joe Budden is back at it again.

A little less than 2 weeks after filming his beef and house banging with Ransom,  Joe is once again taking shots at Saigon. The two have had on and off beef for over a year, but we think Joe  is looking for anyway possible to advertise for Joe Budden TV.

Hey, any publicity counts. Check out the track below.

Joe Budden- Letter to Saigon (Saigon Diss).  Download HERE

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Black President (Remix) Montage Video.
January 13, 2009

Nas, Jay-Z, Tupac, Wale, Rhymefest, Christina K, and Royce Da 5’9 – Black President (Remix)

With only 7 days left until Inauguration Day, an all-star line up is featured on the tribute to President-elect Barack Obama.

The track comes from DJ Green Lantern and Russel Simmons Yes We Can mixtape.

You should know this by now.

Skyzoo’s Here.
January 13, 2009

While Skyzoo may have been rapping since the age of nine, he’s had a hard time gaining recognition.

Some might remember him as the rapper that lost to Jin in the 106 & Park freestyle competition a few years back. While Jin went on to fizzle out with the Ruff Ryders, Skyzoo has stayed focused on releasing quality music.

Sharing the views of many these days, he is unhappy with the state of hip-hop:

“People are taking the ‘whatever we gotta do’ method, resulting in gimmick records. I’m about making money but it has to be with dope records.”

In 2006, the artist worked with producer 9th Wonder on the album Cloud 9: The 3 Day High, which was completed, start-to-finish, in 3 days.  Although originally meant to be a mixtape, with the help of 9th Wonder, Skyzoo was able to release it as an EP through independent record label Traffic.

Since then, Skyzoo (born Gregory Skyler Taylor) has been back on the mixtape grind, where he seems to be at his best and recognizes their importance to the industry:

“Mixtapes are the last hope.  When people complain that the radio is watered down, or they need to get the streets behind them, or they need to break a record or clear their chest’s, they go to mixtapes.  The labels MAKE artists do mixtapes to get the buzz up, its cheaper promotion. Mixtapes are very very crucial and important to the game.”

The Brooklyn native has since put out The Corner Store Classic, which was remastered and put out Itunes last year. Download HERE.

Currently, his fans are anxiously awaiting the release of The Power of Words, yet another mixtape as he continues the search for a major record deal.  Take a listen to two recently released tracks below.

Skyzoo- Bells and Whitles (prod. by Algorythm) Download HERE.

Skyzoo- On Fire (prod. by Cookin Soul) Download HERE.

You should know this by now.

Saigon – Trans-Atlantic Slave Deal.
January 13, 2009


Saigon was supposed to be the next big thing in rap.  He put out a bunch of hot songs, released several mixtapes, got signed to a major record deal and then disappeared … onto Entourage (where the only one trying to manage him was Turtle).

Well, Saigon has since split with Atlantic Records and has a lot to say about the way they treated him.

He’s currently signed to Just Blaze’s Fort Knocks Entertainment record label and is working on his debut album  (finally) entitled  The Greatest Story Never Told.

Listen below as Saigon blows off some steam.

Saigon- Trans-Atlantic Slave Deal.  Download HERE.

You should know this by now.

N.A.S.A. – Money.
January 12, 2009

N.A.S.A. – Money

Squeak E. Clean (Sam Spiegel) and DJ Zegon (Ze Gonzalez) are talented. On top of that, they have lots of friends. That’s essentially the thought process that gave birth to N.A.S.A. (not the space program, NERD.)

In this case, N.A.S.A. stands for “North America/South America and it’s an ongoing “creative collaboration” that doesn’t involve a set number of members. Instead, artists come and go as they make their contributions.

For its first album, entitled The Spirit of Apollo, N.A.S.A. teams up with RZA, George Clinton, M.I.A., Fat Lip, DJ AM, Santogold, The Cool Kids, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien (to name a few).

Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs on the same album as George Clinton and Method Man?

It’s impossible not to be intrigued.

Every track on the upcoming album is based off of Brazilian funk. While it sounds like the cominbations are completely ridiculous, it all seems to work.

N.A.S.A. just re-released its music video for “Money.” This time, they hired Shepard Fairy of Obey to do the artwork.  Check it out up top. Download the track HERE.

Some more tracks off the yet-to-be-realeased album:

N.A.S.A. feat. Spank Rock, M.I.A., Santogold & Nick Zinner – Whachadoin? Download HERE.

N.A.S.A. feat. Kanye West, Santogold, & Lykke Li – Gifted. Download HERE.

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Young Chris feat. Wale – Searching
January 11, 2009

Young Chris, of previous Young Gunz “Cant Stop, Wont Stop” fame, drops a track with Wale.

Download it HERE

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50 Cent – Play This On the Radio.
January 10, 2009

50 Cent – Play This On the Radio.

There’s more shit talking on this track than in an episode of South Park.

50 takes shots at everyone. Shocking.

Download it HERE.

You should know this by now.