The Dean’s List.
June 1, 2010

The Dean’s List – Kardashian. Download HERE.

The Dean’s List – I’ll Be Okay. Download HERE.

The fact that the new class of hip hop is coming from increasingly educated backgrounds is undeniable. Whether you love it or hate it, blame the internet.

The discovery of hip hop is no longer restricted to hand-to-hand exchanges of mixtapes or serendipitously walking by a boombox on full blast.

College campuses have become incredible meeting grounds for talented artists, producers and other musicphiles alike to link up and create the very songs that you find yourself bobbing your head to.

Enter The Dean’s List.

The Boston-based group is on its grind and we’re more than happy to tip our hats to them.

Made up of DJ Mendoza, Sonny Shotz, Mik Beats and Jordan Brown, TDL boasts a rather impressive repertoire that we have trouble finding any problems with.

Whether you’re a fan of their production, cunning wordplay or diversity that probably has many members of the United Nations smiling, let’s all agree on one thing …

We like them.

Introduced by and now, approved by you.

This process couldn’t get any easier.

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Freddie Gibbs – The Ghetto (Video).
May 13, 2010

Freddie Gibbs, one of the XXL 2010 Freshman 10, drops his video called “The Ghetto.”

The video is well worth a watch, but if that doesn’t motivate you, then just throw your headphones on, vibe to Gangsta’ Gibbs’ smooth flow and let his lyrics bring you to “The Ghetto.”

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DJ Homicide – The Hangover.
May 5, 2010

DJ Homicide – The Hangover. Download HERE.

Damn it. We really wanted to wait till Friday night to post this track.

Unfortunately for us, beers completely trump willpower. Fortunately for you, you get to listen to this golden little nugget Thursday night AND Friday night AND Saturday night as you pregame/party.

Some of you may try turning this on while you all are at work.

Just don’t be surprised when everyone’s dancing around the office naked and no work’s getting done.

We wouldn’t advise you to do anything that we haven’t already tried ourselves. That’s why Senor Reyes and Z-Silly have come up with a three-step process for optimal enjoyment of the track above.

1) Press play.

2) Watch this video on mute and dance accordingly.

3) Please don’t dance like that.

Thank us later.

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Theophilus London – I Want You [Mixtape].
April 30, 2010

You may or not remember Theophilus London’s last mixtape This Charming Mixtape.

Regardless, our favorite Brooklynite has just released his latest mixtape, I Want You.

Hosted by NYC’s Downtown Sweetheart, Va$tie, this highly anticipated mixtape has been on people’s minds ever since Theophilus London started tickling our fancy with “Life Of A Lover,” “A Stranger’s Heart” & “Soles of Fire.”

After teasing us worst than Roethlisberger’s favorite sorority girl, the mixtape finally dropped and we can’t help but think to ourselves that Theophilus London, is a star.

Including reworks of popular songs such as Ellen Goulding’s “Starry Eyed,” Tweet’s “Oops,” and Vampire Weekend’s “Giving Up The Gun,” (and some more tracks that we can’t put our finger on), the rest of the mixtape contains London’s typical concoction of 80’s heavy synths, African drum beats, rap-tronica, live instruments, dope lyrics, and smooth crooning.

Was that a bit complicated? What can we say, Theophilus London is the epitome of complicated…

and complicated has never sounded so good.

Theophilus London – Life Of A Lover

Theophilus London – Soles Of Fire (Chauffeur)

Download the mixtape HERE.

Check the jump for the tracklist + artwork.


Drake – Far From Over Mixtape.
April 28, 2010

Drake – Overdose.

Drake – Mambo (Ft. Fito Blanko)

Drake – Where Were You (Ft. Colin Munroe)

We got you.

Download the mixtape HERE.

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Diggy Simmons – Diggy What.
April 28, 2010

Diggy Simmons – Diggy What. Download HERE.

Has Diggy started drinking the family Kool Aid or does this swag just come with puberty?

(If it’s the former, his older brother JoJo needs to start chugging immediately. His group Team Blackout was the epitome of FAIL.)

The 15-year-old son of Rap’s Family deserves a tip of the hat. Since the release of the video for his “Made You Look Freestyle,” everyone’s been eagerly waiting to see what he does next.

With this quick retouch of Jay-Z’s “N**** What,” Dig shows us that he’s headed in the right direction.

The track above is just one of many that will be featured on young Simmons’ next mixtape. Now, do yourself a favor and watch the video below (after the jump).


Game – Ain’t No Doubt About It (Ft. Timberlake & Pharrell).
April 27, 2010

Game – Ain’t No Doubt About It (Ft. Timberlake & Pharrell). Download HERE.

This song’s like GQ mingling with XXL Magazine.

It’s like SoHo hanging out with the Bronx.

The equivalent of ordering foie grois with your country fried steak.

Alright, alright. You get it. This track is the first single off of Game’s The R.E.D. Album.

You should know this by now.

Eminem – Despicable Freestyle.
April 27, 2010

Eminem – Despicable Freestyle. Download HERE.

To be completely honest with you, we’ve kind of missed Em.

Not because he’s been gone … but because he just didn’t have that fire we grew up respecting. Even though his last album, Relapse, debuted at number one, ended up selling almost 2 million domestic copies and ultimately got him two Grammys, we thought there was something missing.

Then he came along by making an appearance on Drake’s “FOREVER” track to shut us the hell up.

The freestyle above has got us excited again. While he may not have anything to prove to any of us, it’s good to see that he’s keeping the ball rolling.

Note: in case you didn’t notice, Marshall lays down some fire over the beats to Drake’s “Over” and Lloyd Banks’ “Beamer, Benz or Bentley.”

You should know this by now.

Tyga – G-Shit (Ft. Chris Brown).
April 27, 2010

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Tyga – G-Shit (Ft. Chris Brown). Download HERE.

These two 20-year-olds must have the freshest fake IDs in the business. Put those solo cups down, kids. Especially you, CB.


It simply warms our hearts when the East and West come together like this. Virginia-born Chris Brown links up with Compton-bred Tyga for the track/video above.

This is most definitely a summer jam, ladies and gentlemen. We’ll be sure to bump it while we’re at Yacht Week.

Note: Taz Arnold’s fashion label Ti$a Vi$ion is getting a lot of noticeable exposure as of late. You’ll notice Chris Brown rocking the white vintage Adidas jacket in the video above.

Ever wonder why all of these musicians were getting THIS embroidered on their clothes? (i.e. Big Sean, Diggy Simmons)

Blame Taz.

You should know this by now.

This Is How You Have Yourself A Cry.
April 26, 2010

Rumor has it that this was the same reaction T-Pain’s father gave when he saw his wife pop out a baby rocking Oakley shades and a top hat out from between her legs.

Wait for the 0:16 mark. Trust us.

And if you haven’t seen the original, you need to see it. You’ll appreciate it so much more. Watch it HERE.

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Badio – Kiss the Sky.
April 26, 2010

Badio – Kiss the Sky (Prod. by TrakGirl). Download HERE.

We’re going to be 100% with you and admit the fact that we have NO IDEA who Badio (pronounced “bad-e-oh”) is.

Hold on, hold on. We’re not done.

Allow us to be 1,000% with you and promise the fact that when we find out more … we’re all about to have a new favorite rapper. It’s incredible how you can point out a future star within 20 seconds of first hearing a song.

Hailing from Woodbridge, VA, it looks like Badio is currently running the books over at the University of Arizona. The young artist’s MySpace reads:

I’m addicted to success, I drink 40s. I like jockey boxer-briefs and V-necks and I’d die if I wasn’t making music.

Sounds like we’re going to get along just fine.

Get excited, Badio. We’re about to make you famous.

Then again …

You should know this by now.

N.E.R.D. – Hot ‘N Fun (Ft. Nelly Furtado).
April 26, 2010

Vodpod videos no longer available.

N.E.R.D. – Hot ‘N Fun (Ft. Nelly Furtado). Download HERE.

So tired. Can’t write long sentences.

Download. Listen. Dance.

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Slakah The Beatchild – Enjoy Ya Self (Ft. Drake) V.2
April 22, 2010

Slakah The Beatchild – Enjoy Ya Self (Ft. Drake) V.2. Download HERE.

We really hope you have on a robe and are sipping on a glass of daddy’s finest cognac … because this is the definition of “Grown & Sexy.”

G&S, ladies and gentlemen. Ray Kay may have just sprout his first chest hairs listening to this track.

The song itself actually dropped about a year ago. Now, you get to enjoy a montage of two of your favorite Candian artists to accompany the track. Not bad, eh?

To be honest, we don’t find ourselves posting material from Canadians on the blog too often. But when we do, we’re always damn happy that we did.

You should know this by now.

The Game – Shake (Travis Barker Remix).
April 22, 2010

The Game – Shake (Travis Barker Remix). Download HERE.

Look at him. Just … look at him. He’s probably the one person that none of our parents wanted us to hang out with when we were growing up.

And that’s exactly why we love Travis Barker so much.

It’s been confirmed that Barker will be producing Paul Wall’s next album in its entirety. Everyone knows that the former Blink-182 drummer has been a trusted ally on the hip hop front. That’s why we’re excited to see him jump head first over onto the dark side.

Also, please note how The Game continues to run his mouth about 50 Cent. Cute.

Me and 50 ain’t agree on shit, so I had to *shake*
Ain’t no tellin’ what he’s putting in that protein *shake*

It’s like trying to tell your 102-year-old grandfather that the Vietnam War is over.

Stay relevant, grandpa!

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KiD CuDi- Daps & Pounds.
April 20, 2009


KiD CuDi- Daps & Pounds. Download HERE.

Wow. A rapper delivering on a promise in a timely manner.  CuDi really is of a new generation.

As noted in the post below, this is CuDi’s contribution for 4/20.  Pretty dope.

You should know this by now.