Game – Ain’t No Doubt About It (Ft. Timberlake & Pharrell).
April 27, 2010

Game – Ain’t No Doubt About It (Ft. Timberlake & Pharrell). Download HERE.

This song’s like GQ mingling with XXL Magazine.

It’s like SoHo hanging out with the Bronx.

The equivalent of ordering foie grois with your country fried steak.

Alright, alright. You get it. This track is the first single off of Game’s The R.E.D. Album.

You should know this by now.


Chester French – Jacques Jams, Vol. 1: Endurance.
April 8, 2009


Chester French & Clinton Sparks – Love Game Remix (ft. Lady GaGa)

Chester French & Clinton Sparks – Starting A Band – Two Mans (ft. Solange)

Chester French & Clinton Sparks – I’m So Tall (ft. Bun B., Talib Kweli & Mickey Factz)

Chester French has really gone out of its way to point out how this isn’t a mixtape. It’s a free album.

With 24 tracks and collabs with legends and soon-to-be hip hop royalty, it really doesn’t matter what you call this damn thing. Just listen to it.

According to D.A. and Max, Jacques Jams, Vol. 1: Endurance chronicles the past six years of their lives. It’s also the first new music the duo have released since 2007. From the Harvard campus to the office of Pharrell Williams.

Sounds like a dream, right? Well. It’s just another day in the life of Chester French.

This free album would have never come to fruition if it wasn’t for the persistence of DJ Clinton Sparks. The Harvard grads agreed to create it because C. Sparks just wouldn’t stop pestering them.

Guest spots: Jermaine Dupri, Diddy, Pharrell, Pusha, Talib Kweli, Bun B., The Mad Rapper, Kardinal Offishall, N.O.R.E, Jadakiss, Janelle Monae, Cassie, Wale, Solange, Lady Gaga, and Mickey Factz.

Enough said. Download the entire thing HERE.  Tracklist after the jump, per usual.


Pacific Division – Shut Up.
March 25, 2009


Pacific Division – Shut Up. Download HERE.

These three guys are some of the best dressed artists in the game right now … and it’s time you try them on for size.

Meet Pacific Division. A trio consisting of two brothers, Like and Mibbs, and their friend BeYoung. They call Palmdale, CA (just north of LA) home and they’re quickly building up an undeniable buzz.

Don’t expect your everyday west coast gangsta rap from Pac Div.

These three grew up with normal jobs and don’t necessarily think glocks and bricks are the end all be all. They have a new definition for “cool.”

People like to label us as “backpack”, because anything that is not gangsta out here is thought of as backpack [rap]. We really don’t like that label. We are just here doing music that’s us. We call it life-music because it’s music to live to.

After graduating high school back in ’01, Pacific Division dropped everything to pursue a career in hip hop.

Luckily, it paid off as the group found itself receiving nods of approval from the likes of Pharrell and ?uestlove, and even pulled off a shout out from Snoop on one of his tracks.

Pac Div’s initial success and recognition can be attributed to The Blend Tape (download HERE), their first mixtape filled with witty tracks about day jobs and chasing girls (on a budget).

Like what you hear? Check out some more music and videos after the jump.


Pharrell @ McDonald’s in Paris.
March 24, 2009

It doesn’t matter if you’re Adam Sandler (remember Big Daddy?) or a world famous artist … McDonald’s doesn’t bend its menu rules for anyone.

Above, you’ll watch Pharrell dancing and singing, trying to convince the McDonald’s employees at the Paris airport to serve him a Big Mac.

Good to see that some great artists out there still aren’t afraid to let their guard down and have a good time. Watch the video.

It’s pretty funny.

You should know this by now.

Big Sean in the Studio with Pharrell.
February 15, 2009

Pharrell and Big Sean spend some time in the studio talking about Sean’s upcoming debut album Finally Famous expected to drop this Spring.

Of course, Charles Hamilton makes a requisite appearance and opens his mouth to give the album “his co-sign.”

With all the buzz swarming around KiD CuDi, Drake, and the aforementioned Charles Hamilton lately, Big Sean, also a member of the G.O.O.D music family, has been getting less and less attention.

Big Sean is one of a slew of artists who are about to blow up G.O.O.D music, with Cudders, Consequence, and others all coming out with albums soon.

In case you haven’t copped it yet, download Finally Famous Vol. 1: The Mixtape, HERE.

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Pharrell’s Nylon Interview (Video).
February 5, 2009

Pharrell talks about everything from his music, sneakers and upbringing with the staff over at Nylon Magzine.

From such humble beginnings to a man that “has everything he has ever wanted.”

Check out Skateboard P goofing around during a photo shoot.

You should know this by now.

Bape x SpongeBob Squarepants.
January 26, 2009

Today, Pharrell asked us if it’s beter “to croc or not to croc?”

Apparently the answer is blatantly clear as he’s rocking the new SpongBob Squarepants Bapestas … made out of crocodile skin.

No pants … but a pair of crocodile skin shoes?

Keep doing you, SpongeBob.

There’s another picture of the kicks after the jump (with Pharrell).


Chester French – Dance.
January 12, 2009


Chester who?

It’s a good sign if Kanye West, Pharrell, and J.D. (who recently got fired left Island Def Jam) get into a bidding war over who should manage you.

After signing with Star Trak, the two Harvard grads finished cooking up their heavily anticipated debut album that’s slated to come out this year.

Chester French is labeled as an American Pop group. But wait, don’t dismiss them right there. The group has tracks to offer hip-hop heads everywhere. Give their lead single “She Loves Everybody” a try.

Chester French – She Loves Everybody. Download HERE.

Here’s how the group’s front man, D.A., articulates his group’s music and style:

“You know, one thing we always talked about being so tired of were albums where you feel like all the songs are the same song. And we really wanted to put out an album that you could sit down and listen to the whole way through—to be taken on some sort of adventure musically. So it’s meant to surprise you and take you to different places.”

But, you’re here for that new-new.

Chester French just dropped a new song called “Dance.” Although its not as good as “She Loves Everybody,” its well worth a listen.

Chester French – Dance. Download HERE.

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Lil Wayne ft. Pharrell – Yes.
January 9, 2009


Lil Wayne ft. Pharrell – Yes. Download it HERE.

Thanks to Splash and the New Music Cartel for the joint.

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Big Sean.
December 25, 2008

Meet the latest addition to Kanye West’s label G.O.O.D. Music (Getting Out Our Dreams Music).

Picture this: You’re given the chance to battle rap some kids at your local radio station. It just so happens that Kanye West is in the same building. With a lot of pushing and nudging, your friend convinces you to walk up to Kanye West and freestyle for him.

For one reason or another, Kanye West agrees to give you 30 seconds of his time and demands that you drop 16 on the spot. Well … 16 turns into 100 and it looks like Kanye West likes what he hears and invites you to the Late Registration listening party.

A year later, you’re signed to his label G.O.O.D. Music (Getting Out Our Dreams Music).

I was just rapping and rapping and when he got to the entrance he stopped and looked at me. I looked at the ground because I didn’t wanna get nervous and mess up.

Not bad, right?

Ever since he was signed, Big Sean (born “Sean Anderson”) has released singles with Kanye West, landed in the the new Bape winter lookbook and globetrotted the world to promote his debut album Finally Famous. Expected to drop in Spring of ’09, the album will feature everyone from Pharrell to The Dream.

Download his latest mixtape, Finally Famous: The Mixtape, HERE. (Right click and press “save link as” once you’re on the zSHARE site.) Tracklist after the jump.

Kanye West ft. Big Sean – Paranoid (Remix)


Teriyaki Boyz x Pharrell x Chris Brown.
December 24, 2008

Terikayi Boyz ft. Pharrell & Chris Brown – Work That

You should know this by now.

In Da Club.
December 20, 2008

Billionaire Boys Club’s spring lookbook made it’s debut tonight.

While it may not be the most appropriate time for spring clothes (seeing as how every place between New York and Boston is snowed in), Pharrell and his design team look like they have something to offer.

Fans can expect more print designs than ever. Everything from stripes to polka dots are used a number of times. Nothing’s safe.

And that gold backpack that’s pictured on the first page of the lookbook has been getting a lot of publicity! Even Chris Brown has been seen lugging it around airports (with Rihanna in hand, of course.)

You should know this by now.

December 17, 2008

Madonna + Pharrell + Kanye = untouchable.

Here’s the backdrop for the song Beat Goes On – Madonna ft. Pharrell. It’ll be used in Madonna’s tour.

Be patient. Kanye comes in about 3 minutes in.

You should know this by now.

Family Friend.
November 20, 2008

Looks like the Star Trak family is making moves.

I’ve been pretty excited about the debut of Play Cloths, a clothing brand started by the Clipse (Pusha T and Malice). Having been discovered by Pharrell and drawing from a lot of his influences, it looks like the brand will be a promising one.

Play Cloths is off to a good start, even though they’ve only revealed a select number of their items (varsity jacket, 59/50, denim, etc.) I’ve always been a sucker for logos and this one is no exception.

Keep your eyes peeled, ladies and gentlemen! They’re also dropping a mixtape on Dec. 1st in collaboration with Complex magazine. They last album they dropped was in ’06. Maybe it’s about time. Endless songs about the yay? Perhaps. We’ll find out in a couple of weeks.

You should know this by now.