Nickelus F- Thank You (Mixtape) x Trenches.
February 21, 2009


With the all the hype surrounding the release of Drake’s mixtape, Richmond, VA and Drizzy affiliate, Nickelus F has gotten a bit overlooked.

He got his first big break back in 2000 when he placed second among 300 contenders in the Source Unsigned Hype Freestyle Battle.  Since then he’s also appeared numerous times on BET’s infamous “Freestyle Friday.”

With his skills refined, a co-sign from Drake, a recently released mixtape, and an album on the way, Nickelus F is primed to make an impact.  He places himself somewhere between gangbanger and hipster and says:

My inspiration comes mainly from experiences and emotions. I’m not a super thug, I’m just a regular dude, but I’ve done some grimy shit in my life.

Haven’t we all done some grimy shit though? His mixtape, Thank You, dropped on Thursday, which you can download HERE.  Follow the jump for album cover and tracklist.

The track below is off his upcoming album, Heathen, set to come out on the 27th with a video and few more tracks expected next week. Take a listen and give us your five cents worth.

Nickelus F – Trenches.  Download HERE.