Lykke Li – Dance Dance Dance (Grandtheft RMX).
April 14, 2009


Lykke Li – Dance Dance Dance (Grandtheft RMX). Download HERE (Right click and press “save as”).

Lykke Li (pronounced “Licky Lee”) kind of sounds like your modern-day Alanis Morissette. Only, she’s actually cool and relevant.

And attractive. Sorry, Alanis.

The Swedish indie pop artist is thankfully a successful product of the blogosphere. Much like many of today’s artists, she made a name for herself by posting songs on her MySpace page.

Her quirky singing voice is often backed by a bass that’s heavy enough to make it tingle in all of the right places. Catchy hooks and labido-enticing beats. What more can you really ask for.

After a well celebrated debut album (entitled Little Bit) in 2007, Ms.  Li now finds herself signed to an independent label by the name of LL Recordings and making rather regular appearances on the Swedish MTV.

Don’t sleep on this one, ladies and gentlemen. As much as we love saying “we told you so,” we’re more partial to uttering …

You should know this by now.


Henok Achido – Pusher (ft. Sophia Somajo).
January 29, 2009

Henok Achido – Pusher (ft. Sophia Somajo)

We’re jet setting over here at today. We’re on to Sweden now!

For someone who claims to have lacked motivation to pursue music, Henok Achido is doing just fine.

Well. He’s probably doing better than that.

After being featured on the Grammy-winning track “Mina Hundar” at only 18-years-old, Henok contined to make a name for himself as he released “Million Dollar Baby” a number of years later.

Anyways, check out these videos by our favorite Swedish bilingual rapper (since there are so many to choose from).

You should know this by now.