Theophilus London – I Want You [Mixtape].
April 30, 2010

You may or not remember Theophilus London’s last mixtape This Charming Mixtape.

Regardless, our favorite Brooklynite has just released his latest mixtape, I Want You.

Hosted by NYC’s Downtown Sweetheart, Va$tie, this highly anticipated mixtape has been on people’s minds ever since Theophilus London started tickling our fancy with “Life Of A Lover,” “A Stranger’s Heart” & “Soles of Fire.”

After teasing us worst than Roethlisberger’s favorite sorority girl, the mixtape finally dropped and we can’t help but think to ourselves that Theophilus London, is a star.

Including reworks of popular songs such as Ellen Goulding’s “Starry Eyed,” Tweet’s “Oops,” and Vampire Weekend’s “Giving Up The Gun,” (and some more tracks that we can’t put our finger on), the rest of the mixtape contains London’s typical concoction of 80’s heavy synths, African drum beats, rap-tronica, live instruments, dope lyrics, and smooth crooning.

Was that a bit complicated? What can we say, Theophilus London is the epitome of complicated…

and complicated has never sounded so good.

Theophilus London – Life Of A Lover

Theophilus London – Soles Of Fire (Chauffeur)

Download the mixtape HERE.

Check the jump for the tracklist + artwork.



Theophilus London- Ooos and Ahhs.
April 8, 2009


Theophilus London- Ooos and Ahhs. Download HERE.

New music from Mr. London, possibly in commemoration of the launching of his blog.

The blog of course is aptly named after his most recent release, This Charming Mixtape, in case you haven’t copped that yet it.  It’s a very good listen.

You should know this by now.

Melo-X- Day-N-Nite Remix.
March 3, 2009


Mel0-X- Google Alerts (Nite-n-Day MeLo-eclipse). Download HERE.

There have been countless remixes to the already classic CuDi track “Day-N-Night,” but this is the first to not involve Cudders himself.

Brooklyn native Melo-X previewed his remix of this song a couple weeks back, which included a dank little freestyle session with Theophilus London (see video footage below).

Today Melo-X released the full remix through herfection, but it has quickly made its way around and now has landed here for your enjoyment.  He says:

So I decided to Sample Kid Cudi’s Day n nite which I feel is a modern day classic. With all the remixes out I wanted to do the track justice and take it somewhere else.

Justice is done indeed. Check the video below for some cool “work in progress” video.

Theophilus London x Melo X Freestylin’

You should know this by now.

K.I.G- Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toez (Video).
February 14, 2009

The dance may be bring you back to elementary school, but there’s no denying that the beat is hot and the video is official.

The song is creating quite a stir throughout the U.K. and this the official video for the song by K.I.G., a group out of England who describes their music as “grime, garage, and turntablism.”

K.I.G is making waves in the U.K. and we bring their sound (which at times can be a little difficult to decipher) across the pond for your edification and potential enjoyment.

The group consists of three members: Hitty (DJ/Producer), Skitz (Host/Promoter), and  Creeper (MC/Rapper), who each bring their own individual talents to make K.I.G. official.

You may have heard the remixes of the track by Wale and Theophilus London, but in case you haven’t we bring you a refresher course below.

Wale- Head, Shoulders, Knees, Toes (Remix). Download HERE.

Theophilus London- Head, Shoulders, Knees, Toes (Remix). Download HERE.

Check out a couple more K.I.G. videos after the jump, and if you can’t quite understand the lyrics, no worries..still dope beats and vids.


Theophilus London – Always Love You (ft. Whitney Houston).
February 13, 2009


Theophilus London – Always Love You (ft. Whitney Houston). Download HERE.

This track serves two purposes:

1. To get your weekend started off proper

2. To dance to with your significant other … or if that’s not the case … to give you an excuse to grind up on your Valentine’s Day crush.

Our go-to London MC fools around with one of Whitney’s most notable tracks “Always Love You.”

Just wait for the beat to drop. Just … wait …

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Mickey Factz x Curt@!ns x Theophilus London Live at SOB’s.
January 23, 2009

You may remember listening to Mickey’s promo track for this show a couple of days ago.

In the event you missed it, here’s live footage for your enjoyment.

Curt@!ns raps with machete in hand (at 4:25) for some reason as well…interesting choice.

You should know this by now.

Curt@!n$, Theophilus London & Mickey Factz Cypher.
January 21, 2009

Curt@!n$, Theophilus London & Mickey Factz Cypher.

You should know this by now.